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Hidden Haven in Parowan! Who's hiked this before? Not us! This easy hike is 1.4 miles that ends at a waterfall. 

We've literally driven by this hike SOO many times. This giant sign is there to tell the world and we just drove by it like three times this year already. Once when we were at Brian Head during our Cedar City Staycation and then another time when we were driving through the canyon on the way home from Bryce Canyon Staycation. It only took a family reunion to get us to this sweet hike and we ALMOST didn't even go. 

At the last moment, we decided to gather all the kids and cousins and go hiking. 

We drove to Parowan from Cedar City with about 50 joke, I'm not even sure how many kids/cousins were on this hike. 

It's a beautiful, easy hike. There's even some shade. We even got sprinkled on just a little bit during this hike too. 

The hike goes right along the highway for a short minute, which seems silly, but then you end up going through a green grove with ferns right up to a rocky cliff area. 

Hikes with bridges are always awesome. 

I was feeling all sorts of Lord of The Ring feelings. 

There was a slight moment when we weren't sure where to go. You'll know that moment. The trail just ends and you end up at a river bed. It kind of looks like the trail should continue on, but it doesn't. We realized quickly that we should head UP the river if we wanted to see that waterfall. 

There were just a few spots that you need to crawl over some boulders, but it's nothing our group couldn't handle. We even had some TINY babies on this hike, like only a few months old. 

This was one of my favorite spots. You can see why. The red rocks, the moss, the water, the FLOWERS! They were all so pretty! Really, it was just stunning. 

Can you see how HUGE this tree was? I wonder what it sounded like when it fell over? 

When you savor that treat at the end of the hike. 

The waterfall was amazing too. This is our only photo by it and I'm not mad about it. It was a perfect family hike. We had some snacks and then headed on back down the trail. 

See what I mean by tiny baby?! This mama had just finished nursing this sweet babe too! 

The kids were quick to create a dam. 

Seriously, this hike was just lovely. It had just rained quite a bit and much of the trail had been washed out, so maybe that's why everything was so green. 

I loved this rock formation. 

If you are looking for a new, family-friendly hike in Southern Utah, be sure to add Hidden Haven to your Bucket List! 

Be sure to check out our Salt Project MAP to see what other fun things we've done nearby! 

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • Easy Trail for all ages.
  • Some boulder climbing towards the end, but we took had kids 2 and up with us on the hike. You'll just have to help the little ones up.
  • The trail was washed away once you hit the main river bed. Go up the river bed until you reach the waterfall! 
  • You may get your feet wet, but most of us managed to do it without getting feet wet. 
  • Bring Water and maybe bug spray.
  • Looks like there is flash flooding, so watch the weather. 
  • Pack it in and pack it all out! 
  • No toilets.
  • There are some picnic tables half way up. 

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