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I’d only heard about the Heber Creeper in the last few years, so I’ve been excited to take my babies to a good old train!

My grandpa was a big train man, he even owned a model train shop in Iowa, so I have a deep love for trains. Aiko and Orion’s favorite book is all about trains, so I thought they’d be tickled to be on a real one.

Man, I was not expecting something so picturesque. It’s quite the place. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and so of course I was feeling all Potter like. From the details on the light fixture in the ticket line to the flags hanging on all the lampposts. It was all the more magical because of all the Halloween decorations. There was even a little chihuahua that was sporting a costume.

Witches, superheroes, cats, all sorts of costumes to be seen.

All the kids kept saying "Look it's BAYMAX!" My husband could barely keep himself from correcting each child.

After we boarded the train, we found a seat in the back and opened the window. Of course, I couldn’t resist running back outside (we had 6 minutes left before leaving) to take some photos on my babes riding on a train.

It was all fun and games until Aiko couldn’t figure out how to bring her head back into the carriage.  

My little man can fit his head anywhere. I think it's his personal challenge in life, to see where his head can fit.

Each train was different. Luckily, we had an orange one.

Aiko's been anti-mama for a while, so I spent a lot of time running after this rascal.

I was glad we had a window that opened, because it was kind of getting stuffy. Between chasing babies, babies that were constantly moving and then holding babies, one starts to sweat. Especially, since I had a sweater on. Whoops.
It was good the scenery kept changing. From cows, to houses, to rivers, to other trains.

Since we were first timers, we realized we probably should have purchased the kettle corn that was being sold. Everyone on the train had that or some kind of snack to pass the time.

The train ride was 40 minutes (total) complete with singers dressed as cats, fiddlers and a lovely witch with trivia.

Aiko would just stare and stare.

One of our favorite parts was the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

After exiting the train we jumped in line for the haunted train and pumpkins!

Train rides, haunted trains and a pumpkin for everyone?! Who knew the Pumpkin Train ticket included SO much!

It was pretty magical, even if my kids were beyond tired. Here Aiko is zoning out...she saw a little girl with a full Elsa dress and literally just stared for minutes and minutes.

There was a haunted boxcar that my husband took Aiko through. Basically, it was super scary, unless you are terrified of spiders.

The pumpkin car was one of my favorites. Somehow I managed to carry all 4 pumpkins out the door. I was feeling quite proud. (I left the kids with the husband.)

My kids weren’t quite in the mood to have a cute picture taken with their pumpkins on the train like all the pros were doing…so I took some of just my pumpkins. It made me quite happy.

Thanks to the Heber Valley Railroad for hosting The Salt Project!

If you'd like to watch our video, be sure to start dancing to the awesome music. (Sarcastic Laugh.)

We're off to Dairy Keen next!

Helpful Tips

Things I will do next time.

  • Brought snacks to eat on the train.
  • Get on early to get two benches. While we could sit together fine, it was just a little snug.
  • Bring a bag for my pumpkins.
  • Planned naptime better to have happier babies.

Pumpkin Train goes until October 30th! Get your tickets here. And Dress up!

There are lots of different train rides. We took the shortest one, but they have a 3 hour train ride! I've also seen a chocolate ride, Harry Potter guys just need to go!

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