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We were lucky enough to be invited by Hale Centre Theatre to see My Son Pinocchio: Geppetto's Musical Tale. It's even more lucky, because my kids usually can't go to plays because they are young, but this show, is for kids ages 3 and up! I was super excited to see what my littles would think!

I was glad to see that the play was actually written by Disney, so I knew it wouldn't get very intense. I'm not sure I've even shown them the Disney cartoon version of Pinocchio yet, but they have read the book a few times. (Apparently, we only have it on VHS still, I need to get on buying a DVD version.)

We were able to tour backstage (hopefully, you saw some of it on our Instagram Stories) and were able to meet the Pink Fairy. Little Aiko was in heaven. We were even able to go on the Jewel Box Stage and see all the backdrops and props. Many of the toys you see in the play are authentic to the times and no detail is left undone. You could see true craftsmanship. Hale Theatre is the most technologically advanced theatre in the United States! So you know everything will be magical!

This version of Pinocchio is quite different as the play is more centered on Geppetto and his journey to an insta-dad. All the key components were in the play, but there were some new scenes and characters. I'll admit I was missing little Cleo & Figaro, but we loved the new characters like the four fairies and the nicer version of Stromboli. There were a few times that I felt myself really connecting with Geppetto, for good or bad. 

All through out the play our kids were asking questions. You could tell they were really into it. My kids haven't seen too many live plays because of their age, so it's interesting to hear their insight and see their faces light up with excitement when they finally "get it." Of course there are puppets in the show and when Aiko finally realized what they were, she was so proud of herself. (The puppets were a favorite by everyone.)

I think my kids were even more excited to see other kids in the play. There are actually 18 kids ranging from eight to 12 years old and seriously, they were good. My husband and I were both impressed with Pinocchio himself. 

After the show as over I interviewed the kids on Facebook live, so if you'd like to hear what their favorite parts were, be sure to check out the video here. On the way home, they asked questions after question about details of the play. After about 30 minutes of questions I decided to start a voice recording of it for a keepsake. 8 minutes later they were STILL talking about Monstro the whale (who makes a very short appearance) but apparently, it was the most profound moment for them. That and lying means you'll turn into a donkey. I'm super excited as Aiko & Orion grow to take them to more and more plays, I feel like the theatre really does give them something that no TV show could. 


We're super excited to host a giveaway with Hale Centre Theatre! We'll be doing two different giveaways, one of Facebook and one on Instagram! So be sure to enter both for a chance to win 4 tickets! 

Head on over to Instagram & Facebook now to enter! Winners will be chosen by August 8th! Good Luck!

Check website for times
Entrance Fee(s)
$40 for adults, $20 ages 3-17
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For Children 3+

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