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Red Mountain Resort is tucked away in Southern Utah, near St. George in Ivins Utah. It's literally the last thing between you and Snow Canyon State Park. They own acres of desert that are right next to Snow Canyon State Park, so their views will LITERALLY never change. Red Mountain Resort is beautiful in every way. It wasn't what I was expecting and it was SO much more! 

We haven't done a Girl's Trip on The Salt Project ever. Never once. I'm still kind of blown away by this fact! So when Red Mountain Resort reached out about a partnership, of course, we said yes! Most of us hadn't had a Girl's Getaway in many years. 

What surprised me the most about this Girl's Trip to Red Mountain, was how much soul searching happened. Red Mountain Resort has MANY different ways to help heal the soul and be adventurous!

We had a tarot card reading, we hiked, did yoga in the desert, relaxed by the pool, had a drumming session to help clear the mind and a meditation spiral walk. 

We stayed in Villas. Every morning we'd wake up to the best views of Southern Utah!

In my head, I was literally thinking I would just be laying by the pool for three straight days, but I should have known better! 

The Salt Project ladies are always adventuring and while we did lay by the pool for three hours straight, we did lots of adventuring too! We just can't help it! 

Canyon Breeze Restaurant

Sometimes when I'm traveling, I dread it, because I know I can't resist all the delicious (mostly unhealthy) foods. This time, I didn't even have to worry! 

Canyon Breeze Restaurant has healthy and delicious foods!

I loved how the menu had a variety of foods.

They carefully label all the foods and tell specify Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and food sources. It. Is. AMAZING. 

Yoga in Snow Canyon

We signed up for Yoga in Snow Canyon State Park for Friday Night. (Be sure to sign up early). A van was there to pick us and other guests up and then we took the short drive to Snow Canyon State Park. Each guest was provided with a blanket, yoga mat and a hand towel. 

Once we arrived at Snow Canyon we took a short walk to the petrified dunes and laid out our mats. 

I can't even describe how serene this was. None of us had ever done yoga outside before, let alone in a State Park.

Even though there was a mat between me and the ground, I felt super connected to the earth. It was amazing. 

It was one of the most relaxing things I've done in a while. 

We decided to walk back from Snow Canyon State Park to Red Mountain Resort. Our guide knew exactly how far we were from the resort (3.6 miles exactly) so we thought why not?!

We didn't have kids, strollers, extra bags and everything else that comes along with being a parent! 

We were FREE! It took us a while to walk home but had ALL the time in the world to walk. 

Dessert from Canyon Breeze Restaurant

Before we left dinner, we asked if we could get our desserts to-go. Instead, the waiter thoughtfully left our desserts in the big fridge so we could pick it up at any time. (The lobby area is always open to guests for coffee/tea.)

We totally earned eating dessert after our long walk and Yoga! 

After eating dessert, we were beat. We still had to wake up early the next morning for our first completely KID FREE hike in who knows how long! 

Explorer Hikes

After eating a quick buffet breakfast from the restaurant, we grabbed our two water bottles and bags and headed to the gazebo to meet our group for hiking. We signed up for the Explorer Level Hike. While we could have definitely hiked the next level up, it was really nice to take it slow and get some fun photos while hiking! 

I'm not exactly sure what trail we took, but it started by White Pockets at the North end of Snow Canyon State Park. 

We started the hike clear at the top of the State Park and headed down. Apparently, we drew the lucky stick, because the other group of hikers had to come UP!

Snow Canyon State Park is so unique. One minute it's red sand and cliffs and the next is a white petrified snow dune with white sand all over! 

It was actually a very cool weekend in St. George. It never got above 85 degrees our entire stay. I can't believe we lucked out with the weather! 

Roadrunners were all over Snow Canyon and Red Mountain Resort.

This moss was so cool. It was brown, but the second you pour water on it, it perks up and turns bright green within seconds.

When we got back to the van, our guide had some icy-mint washcloths for each guest. Who knew a wet cold cloth could make one so happy?!

Bike Ride to Tuacahn's Saturday Market

Red Mountain Resort has complimentary bikes and helmets for all their guests.

After our morning hike we got a quick snack and checked out some bikes. We heard there was Saturday Market at Tuacahn (1.5 miles away) so we grabbed our bikes and headed out. 

Once again the weather was amazing. Yes, it was hot, but seriously not the scorcher we thought it was going to be. The Market was really good! The vendors had awesome wares and food.

Biking back to the resort was breezy and not as hot as we feared. 

Spend hours at the Pool!

After our bike ride, we decided it was time for some true relaxation by the pool. 

We literally sat by the pool and stayed there for three hours. 

We snacked, slept, tanned, burned and laughed. 

We sadly left the poolside to get ready for dinner. 

Dinner quickly cheered us right back up!

We ordered ourselves some fancy non-alcoholic drinks and leisurely ate dinner without 50 tiny hands trying to eat our food. Again, it was amazing. 

Drumming from the Heart

After dinner we had a drumming session. We learned that drumming actually helps to empty your mind and help you connect with the world around you. Drumming in a group actually creates oxytocin and leaves everyone feeling happy and relaxed! I was surprised to find how my mind was so clear after drumming. 

See a Broadway play at Tuacahn's Amphitheatre

After drumming we drove the short drive back to Tuacahn's Amphitheatre to see Disney's When You Wish. Go here to read all about it! 

We've got a discount for 2019!

Meditation Spiral Walk

On our last morning at Red Mountain Resort, we opted to do the Spiral Walk with a Shaman. None of us had ever walked a spiral before and it was surprisingly refreshing. 

Throughout Native American Culture, the spiral is everywhere. It symbolizes water and evolution, the never-ending cycle of growth, change, and eternal life.

We all started our walk with a sage clearing and then we started our walk to the center. Once at the center, you'd find a pile of lava rocks that represent fire.

You are supposed to release your burdens into the fire and then walk out reborn and renewed. 

Honestly, it did feel good and I did feel new!

Who would have thought walking in a spiral could be so cleansing?!

Oracle Reading

After our meditation walk, we were scheduled for an Oracle Reading. We were all a little unsure about this as none of us had ever had a card reading but it was actually the perfect way to end our trip. When I said that Red Mountain Resort was more a soul searching event, it's probably because we ended with a card reading. I'm a skeptic at heart but I was so surprised how much the cards could tell us. 

If you are looking for a place that provides relaxation, adventure and yes, some soul searching Red Mountain Resort is the perfect place to go! Plus Red Mountain is only 4 hours south of Salt Lake City! It's so close! The food was phenomenal (and healthy) and I can honestly say we all left Red Mountain Resort a better version of ourselves.  

ps. We did a few things on the way out of town too! Check out Gunlock State Park, eat some famous pie from Veyo Pies and visit these two Historic Utah Places! 

Gunlock Reservoir

Veyo Pies

Old Iron Town

The Salt Project
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