Girl's Night out at Station Park!

Stephanie and I LOVE Station Park. It's our go-to shopping place and luckily it's super close! If you haven't shopped at Station Park, you need too! You'll never see so many BEAUTIFUL flowers and beautiful walkways while shopping! We love the outdoor shopping vibe and it's super family-friendly. We've spent many hours at the playground and watching the water fountain show! We are super excited to partner up with Station Park and show you ALL the things we did for a much needed Girl's Night Out! 

Appetizers at P.F. Chang's

P.F. Chang's has just opened up at Station Park, like three days ago! We went in to grab some appetizers and drinks.

We tried the Veggie Lettuce Wraps and Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Both are equally delicious and yet taste completely different. The Veggie Lettuce Wrap was light and fresh while the Chicken Lettuce Wraps were savory with just the right kick.


We also tried some of the Mongolian Pots stickers (they were the $5 menu deal of the day) and they were different than the traditional pots stickers we've eaten but super tasty. There was a hint of mint or something that was so good! 

We couldn't leave without getting the Avocado Lobster Sushi Roll! Anything for fresh lobster! The amount of appetizers we ate was more of a meal and we left full and happy! 

As You Wish Pottery

Our next spot is more of a crafty place! As You Wish Pottery is a ceramic store where you can pick items to paint/glaze. After you finish painting you leave it there and pick it up 4 days later, fired and complete.

We both chose to keep it simple and designed some plates.

Harmony made a Halloween Platter and Stephanie created a Happy Birthday Plate! 

While coming here with kids is super fun, it was also actually SOOOO relaxing doing something crafty without tiny people running around! 


Now, neither of us wears a ton of make-up, but Harmony REALLY doesn't wear make-up. Nor has she ever attempted anything more than lipstick, mascara and a bad run of large cat eyes with eyeliner years ago. We were teamed up with make-up artist Anu and really, she knows her stuff! Harmony was slightly blown away by the amount of make-up placed on her face, but loved how it looked in the end. You can get free makeovers from Sephora (you are required to make a $50 purchase after) and create your own personal account where Sephora keeps track of EVERY product they placed on your face! We walked away with a ton of knowledge about make up and the best products for a natural look. 

Last Course

With just a few minutes to spare, we ended our night with an oh-so-delicious treat from Last Course! 

Taste testing is free for the ice cream! 


Salted Carmel and Rosemary Honey were the ice cream choices! Not too sweet and love that hint of Rosemary!

Stephanie got her go-to Lemon Stack!

We LOVE visiting Station Park and this is our second time in a month SHUTTING the place down! (We shut it down last month on our Davis Staycation!) There's something extra special and lovely about walking through the shops at night! 

What's your favorite part about Station Park? The shopping? The food? The Monday Family Nights? Let us know below! 

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