The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Wildlife Education Center at Farmington Bay | 12 Utah Staycations

How many of you have been to The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Wildlife Education Center at Farmington Bay? It's a mouthful, but one of our favorite places to visit, especially in the winter months. Thanks to Davis County for teaming up with the Salt Project so we can show off this sweet place! Since we were heading out to Antelope Island, we knew we needed to stop by the newly remodeled center! 

We actually visited years ago here, before the new building. 

We love the new center though. There's a few buildings + AC (!!!) and a learning center. 

When you visit the main building they have binoculars laying out so you can look for birds from the nice, air-conditioned building.

Or if you are more adventurous they have a scavenger hunt and binoculars you can take outside to go birding! 

There have been quite a few free birding events so be sure to follow the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources facebook page for more info. Side Story *We visited in the winter months for the Eagle event and it was packed! But they brought out real raptor birds and had all sorts of activities for the kids. It was super fun. We actually drive this area often in the winter. We watch for eagles and other birds from the warmth of our car. 

Since it was so stinking hot, we didn't go on the trails, plus there weren't that many birds out. Be sure to check out the trails though, if you are prepared for the heat! 

If you are looking for a fun free activity, be sure to check out The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Wildlife Education Center!

Be sure to #thesaltproject on your birding adventures! 

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