The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Wildlife Education Center at Farmington Bay

This nature center is a favorite. Spring and fall are the best and the trails are all stroller friendly. But they are not paved so make sure you have a good stroller.

There are several bridges and walkways through the marsh land.

Owl pellets everywhere.

We love the new buildings! Especially with the grass on the roof.

They have binoculars available to use in the building. You can see a lot of birds from inside but you can see more out on the trails so we recommend taking your own. We have these ones. Super inexpensive but still work great!

Our cute little homeschool group

And Riz lost his second front tooth goofing around. Love that little heart smile.

One of the buildings had a few science things in it. The workers said they will be getting more. They used to have so much amazing stuff, I hope they bring it all back. This is the old building.


This place is free to the public. School groups need to call and schedule a time to visit. Another favorite free nature preserve near by is HERE.

See website link below
Helpful Tips

No pets

Bathrooms available


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