Garden City Canyon Hike - Bear Lake

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2 hikes to share with you today! First up...

Garden City Canyon Trail

My kids weren't thrilled to go on a hike but by the end of this one they were all on cloud 9. They found bones, antlers, bullet shells, and some other treasure that made it very enjoyable.

Oso Blue Yurts told us about his awesome hike. It's close to town, but pretty much off grid. No signs, no trail head address. But you can tell it is a frequented trail by both hikers and ATV's.

I loved it because the views were stunning, and it was an easy enjoyable trail.

This 4.9 mile hike is super fam friendly out and back trail. Starting at the parking area, there are two routes; one up the canyon (shorter and difficult), and one to the south (longer and easier). The trail continues along the southern ridge of the canyon through groves of aspens with scenic views of Bear Lake. The trail eventually goes under Hwy 30 and connects to Sinks Rd.

Directions:  41.94890° N, 111.41420° W

-Turn North onto We​​​st Dee and take the dirt road toward the mountains. There will be a gravel parking lot up ahead. Park and pick your trailhead.

-No bathrooms

-I assume it's Dog friendly, there were no signs otherwise

-Full sun



The top of the trail keeps going for miles so you can turn around at any time. We hiked for about 40 min (walking very slowly because kids were scavenging for bullet shells and bones), we reached the first mountain top and snapped this beautiful photo before turning back around to meet some friends for burgers and shakes, otherwise we would have kept going. It was absolutely beautiful!


Next up we have,

Limber Pine Trail

This is another hike that you MUST add to your Bear Lake bucketlist. This hike is any easy 1.3 mile loop with beautiful views of the lake and winds its way through a beautiful pine forest.

This one starts at the tip of the mountain, so the kids had a blast playing in the snow and sliding all over when we reached the snow drift at the top.


Find the full Limber Pine Hiking Guide HERE.

This Limber Pine is 560 years old!

We hope you enjoy these hikes as much as our kids did. So much to explore. We just took out time and let the kids set the pace and they all loved it.


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