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I found a Groupon for a new ‘kid-friendly’ rock climbing place in Lehi, Utah. The sessions come in one-hour increments (additional hours can be purchased for $5) and it seemed like the perfect way to burn some energy indoors. The price was reasonable, so I went ahead and purchased.

I was over the top impressed with Funtopia. The one-hour session was just enough time for my kids to bounce from one rock climbing wall to the other. They climbed a giraffe, castle, dinosaur, spider web netting and they also climbed up a tower to jump towards a trapeze.  Funtopia also has walls with disappearing holds, to challenge their speed and create races.

There is a large slide that looked like tons of fun, unfortunately, it was not operating the hour we were there. They have you put on a special jumpsuit, they crank you to the top while you hold onto a trapeze, and then let go.

The best part of the entire session was the ‘auto-belaying system that allowed kids to climb without an additional parent or another climber to help with their safety. ‘The auto belays are there to help kids climb, but there is supervision by trained employees to help each kid clip in and out of their rope safely.

Upon arrival, you sign in. It helps to fill out all forms online before you arrive. It will save you a considerable amount of time, especially since you fill out a waiver for every person in your party. The staff helps fit the child into a harness and then you head upstairs for a safety video (3-5 minutes). I didn’t notice an elevator to this level, so if you have a stroller you may have to abandon it while watching the video. There is bench seating and cubbies near the entrance and allow you a great view of the place.

Although this is a very kid friendly place (there were climbers from 5 to late teens the hour we were there), children under 5 can be a bit tricky. I had my 2-year-old with me and he followed me around, attempted to climb up every wall he saw and wanted in on every ounce of action.

You can definitely have younger kids with you, however, it will make your experience more enjoyable if you don’t. Unless they are incredibly good listeners, which my 2-year-old is not.

They had bathrooms and water fountains on the same level as all of the climbing walls, which makes it easy to grab a drink or go to the restroom. HOWEVER, I would suggest you have your children go to the restroom before they are fitted for their harness. They can be a bit tricky to take off and put back on.

Lessons learned:

  1. Reserve your spot in advance, they only allow so many climbers per hour session.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.
  3. Have hair ties to pull back hair, if the climber has long hair.
  4. Go to the restroom before the climber is fitted for a harness.
  5. Fill out the waiver before you arrive.
  6. BRING A SNACK and WATER FOR AFTER! My kids were so worn out and starving after an hour of rock climbing, I couldn't feed them fast enough.
  7. Finally, HAVE FUN. This was such a great adventure for our family, we can’t wait to go back.

Thanks Monica! Be sure to check out more of her adventures @monicanichole


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