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I was interested about the history of the Fort, so I did a little research.

"Located on an 84-acre river tract of land near the Weber River, the fort symbolizes a period of western history that was the transition from nomadic ways of the Indian tribes and trappers to the first permanent settlers in the Great Basin. Facilities at the fort include picnic areas, a canoeing pond, the replica fort including three cabins and restrooms".

We have been a couple times before. Each year on Easter Weekend they hold a Mountain Man Redezvous. It was one of our kids favorite things to do (we haven't been since they cancelled it in 2020).

It is seriously rad though! Awesome people watching! They have people dressed up and selling/trading all kinds of things from furs to toy guns, food, and basically anything you can imagine.

There are Teepee's set up all over and hundreds of people walking around.

So this is all I've ever known about the Fort.

Well we stubbled upon the other entrance the other day and I was blown away! This is the COOLEST place! Bridges, paved and dirt trails, a pond (freshly stocked with 5,000 trout), camping areas, playground, disc golf course, and it connects to our favorite trail that runs along the river for MILES!



We loved the play ground.

And there was this awesome historical home that they preserved and moved here to the property.

7am - 9pm
Helpful Tips

Bathrooms available


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