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We were lucky enough to partner up with Fly High Trampoline Park in Ogden this past weekend! I decided at a very last moment to have my husband's birthday party there. I'll admit, he seemed a little ... embarrassed (?) silly (?) that I booked him a birthday party complete with matching plates, balloons, and friends.

But hello! It's a Birthday Party! He got over the silly feeling once he saw how AWESOME this place was!

Everybody in the Birthday Party gets trampoline socks and a colored wristband and 1.5 hours of jumping time. Plus we got to have our party in the Blue Room, complete with blue and orange plates, utensils, waters and pizza (from Papa John's!) at the end.

Now, most people normally think of a trampoline park with trampolines...right. Well, not only does this place have SOOO many trampolines, it also had obstacle courses, platforms to jump off onto stunt airbags, dodgeball, a basketball dunk contest areas, virtual reality, an arcade, parkour areas and slacklines!


I couldn't imagine not bringing our kids, so we also invited our friends and their families. We had ages 2 to adults. There was something for all ages.

One of the kids' favorite places to go was the suspended obstacle course area. While I tried to keep our kids contained, they often wandered around to go do some crazy tricks. The kids seemed to gravitate naturally to the more kiddy areas.

See, everyone is allllll smiles!

On the second floor, there are some chairs and tables so you can watch the action below. Grandma and Aunties took turns watching the babies while the big kids played.

Thats also where the VR (virtual reality) it. Steph tried the Zombie game. It was so life like that she started screaming as the zombies got closer and closer (shes a bad aim with a gun). The zombie game is not for the faint of heart but there are other VR games that aren't quite as scary. If you haven't tried VR we highly recommend trying it for $5.

Since I was watching the kids, I didn't get to often see what the "Big Kids" were doing (meaning the husband and friends). At one point I found the husband and his buddies in the Ninja Warrior section, but it was towards the end...I always seemed to find them after they were done. Just think giant foam pits with crazy monkey bars and platforms at all sorts of angles.

I finally caught the husband doing some tricks on the trampoline. Since he's more on his way to being 40, we often joke that he may not fare too well at his age doing flips and such.

Remember those jumping platforms? Look at my tiny kids jumping off...all by themselves! I was in shock.

Not only did my kids jump, but it seemed like all the tiny ones were out jumping.

I did this once and felt that was enough, it's not that it hurt, but I could feel all my bones popping.

To give you a perspective of HOW big these stunt bags were, see how little the kids are?

While this is fuzzy, it's one of my favorite shots of the crazy Birthday Boy.

Many of the littles seemed to show no fear at jumping around.

Stephanie and I decided to try jumping off into the stunt sack on the slanted trampoline. I'm not sure why this seemed so scary, but it was. I never had a trampoline growing up so I never really got comfortable being on them. I imagine after a few times coming to the Fly High I would be much better and maybe even do some tricks.

Something important to note is that everyone must purchase some special trampoline socks. The socks have a really good gripping material on the bottom and are super comfy. Three bucks goes a long way. You can save them for later trips. I felt like the socks made a difference plus you didn't have EVERYBODY's feet on everything.

I loved all the slacklines. This is actually something that I'd like to get really good at.

Towards the end of our time, I found most of the group gathered around the dunking area. Even the littles were practicing their dunk skills.

After an hour and a half, everyone was sweaty and pretty worn out. We were ready to eat! Our pizza wasn't ready yet (it was delivery included with the party from Papa John's) so we decided to have cake first!

I wasn't able to get shots of everything (there's so much to do and see) but here's our InstaStory that we downloaded so you can watch all the fun! Be sure to follow along on our Instagram and Facebook so you can see more adventures like this.

Thanks to Fly High for hosting The Salt Project! We will definitely be back for more trampoline time!

Visit Website for hours
Entrance Fee(s)
Visit Link Below
Birthday Party Rates Vary, be sure to call in.
Helpful Tips

*** Grip Socks are required for jumping. Available for purchase at $3/pair. ***


3624 S 250 W, Ogden, UT 84405

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