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My brother-in-law just asked me if Bear Lake is really all the fun. Since I had just barely gotten back, ya know, two days ago, I was like YA! But he and I are similar in the fact that we aren't really water people. Sure, I like to hang out at the beach once in a great while, but I didn't grow up boating or spending much time at the beach, so maybe it's the fact that I don't really know how to enjoy the beach??! We were more of a fishing/camping kind of family.

Riding a RZR through the woods, that's something I would LOVE to do! I used to go mudding all the time with our beloved 1987 Land Cruiser...oh, how I miss him. (His name was Larry, in case you wanted to know.)

While staying at Conestoga Ranch, we booked an RZR adventure through Epic Recreation!

As you can tell, it was pretty crazy. While my husband isn't about to get all muddy, Stephanie sure is. (I'm jealous you know, I love going mudding.)

We packed in the kids and headed straight up the dirt road. Who knew Garden City had so many sweet trails? My husband and I quickly came up an area that looked slightly terrifying in the fact that I knew we'd be doing tricks and doing all sorts of crazy driving.

Even though I'm 24 weeks pregnant...honestly, it was much smoother than I was expecting. Our kids lasted about 20 minutes and then they were getting sleepy.

How can they sleep through that?

Either way, it was super fun.

If you are looking to do something more than hanging out at the the beach, book an adventure with Epic Recreation so you can head to the mountains!

Thanks to Epic Recreation for hosting The Salt Project!

(435) 946-EPIC

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