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My 12 year old wanted an Epic Light Battle for his birthday. I have to say, this was the easiest and most epic birthday party I have ever pulled off!

I created the invite with the free Studio App. It has graphics, you just add words. I texted the invite to all his friends. Done!

Locke was blown away by the cake. It was seriously a work of art. Every detail!

Utah's local best kept secret The Little Cake Shop made this incredible BB8 Starwars cake! All I had to do was go pick it up and eat it. It was such a huge hit! We had 13 little boys at the party, all of them voted that we NOT cut into this beautiful creation. But then they decided they wanted cake so.... you know what they say, you cant have your cake at eat it too!

My son kept the top for himself because, birthday boy. The top of the body fed all 13 boys + parents and siblings, then the bottom of the cake was left over for Jedi's that needed a second and third helping.

I sent the boys outside as they arrived until everyone had arrived.

And some Yoda soda to wash down that BB8!

Note to self, eat cake outside, that was the whole point of having an outside party!

After cake and presents, I presented each Jedi with a glow stick bracelet, red or green for teams, and a light saber! May the FORCE BE WITH YOU!

Then it was outside under the twinkle lights of the galaxy for an epic light battle. The kids played for a solid hour, until parents showed up to take them home.

We received several texts and phone calls from parents letting us know that it was indeed epic (no false advertising on the invite), and that we had set the bar so high it will never be reached in this life time. Good news for Locke (age 12) bad news for all of his younger siblings that will never have such an epic party. Sorry kids.

Shop this party:

BB8 Cake.


Glow Sticks.

Light Sabers.


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