Dreamy winter getaway at DEER CREEK RANCH HOUSE - Wallsburg, UT

We are always on the search for the most unique experiences and staycation ideas and we have an awesome one to share with you today! We just discovered the sleepy little mountain town of Wallsburg, UT. Have you been? We had such an amazing experience, the kids didn't want to leave. Obviously they didn't want to go home the last day, thats a given. But they didn't want to leave to go do anything else during our stay. And you know, we usually just "sleep" at vacation rentals because we are out exploring non stop, but this little ranch house was so dreamy and had so much to do, we only ventured out once to go to the ice castles. The rest of the time we just chilled at the ranch house. 

The home has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 16 so we decided to invited some family friends to join us for the weekend. All of our kids had friends to play with and we had adults to hang out with. It was SO fun! We've rented homes before with friends and have always had an awesome experience.

The kids played in the snow for hours every day, followed by hours in the hot tub. We mixed in some nerf wars (nerf guns located in the toy closet), puzzles, games, yoga, snowy walks, movies, and some good home cooked meals (because the kitchen was so beautiful), we ended up cancelling our pizza night out and opted to stay in and cook together.


The ranch house has been restored recently by a family member of the original owners. They did such a beautiful job keeping the charming character and adding more functionality of the original home.


We absolutely fell in love with the little town of Wallsburg. It has a population of about 300 and it's surrounded by hills. It really is right out of a story book. And the best part is that it's only 10 minutes from Midway or Heber in one direction and Provo the other. So it's super close to everything but totally isolated in its own little valley.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had so many requests to share the recipe for the lemon pasta that we made during our stay. This is my kids favorite of all time. They make it by heart at least every other week so I had to do some digging but I found the recipe. I've included the link under the pasta photo below.


In no particular order... here are our highlights from the Ranch House. You can see more behind the scenes in our instagram reel.


Sweetest animals on the ranch. The kids loved feeding the horses and goats some carrots and apples.

Hot tub just hits different in the snow. 

The kitchen view of Timp was my favorite every morning.

Another beautiful view, Bridal Veil Falls, located up Provo Canyon. There was a recent avalanche, so we couldn't hike it on this trip, but it's one of my favorites.













This game has been on repeat at our house for weeks now. Its 13+ but Wells (age 5) does great with a little help from us. The kids play it multiple times per week so if you are looking for an easy but super fun board game, we highly recommend this one.


Our first road trip in the Disco! She did great.




How cute! The first thing the kids did was run out and feed the animals. Also, funny story. We couldn't find a strainer all weekend. Turns out it was right in front of our eyes the whole time, filled with snacks for the animals lol.

These little guys were so friendly. The white one squeezed through the fence a couple times and the kids had to pick it up and put it back.

Berdee making her fave, lemon pasta.

By popular request, heres the recipe to our favorite lemon pasta.






Loved our morning yoga sessions.

The animals were all so friendly.

Found this mini Land Rover in the garage, so I had to get a photo. So cute.

The bunk room was a huge hit with the boys.

The only group shot we got. Everyone watching the super bowl together. We had so much fun!

And for those wondering, we traded in the van for this old Land Rover Disco from England with right hand drive. It's been so fun to drive. If you are looking for something unique, check out IMW. Just mention Salt Project and my brother will take great care of you.

This puzzle is always a HUGE hit. You can lay over the cheat sheet to go faster too. Every piece is unique. 

This sink tho... absolutely loved!

And thats a wrap! We had the best time!

We absolutely recommend visiting the ranch house with some friends, or for a girls weekend. And we cant wait to visit again.

Thanks for stopping by our blog. We hope this post was helpful and would love to hear from you if it was.


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Helpful Tips

Ranch house is on 5 acres

Double pickle ball courts

Hot tub with a view

View of Mount Timpanogas

Sleeps 16

Visit the Ranch House site to book and learn more 

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