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After sleeping at Bonneville Seabase we decided to check out one last roadside oddity in Grantsville, The Donnor-Reed Museum! For those of you who don't know why the Donnor-Reed Museum is such an oddity, basically, this pioneer caravan is known, for one thing, cannibalism. 

We couldn't help ourselves. We knew this was a stop that had to be made. 

You have to call ahead and see if one of the local volunteers is available to give you a tour. Luckily, someone was in town and came to open the doors and give us a tour!

The Donnor-Reed Museum is actually an old schoolhouse that now houses artifacts. 

It felt like an appropriate place to stop just before Halloween. 

We got extra lucky when two local volunteers came and gave us the tour. I'll admit, it was super freaky hearing about these desperate people eating each other. I was actually a little worried that my younger kids would have nightmares.

No nightmares yet. 

It was pretty cool to hear about pioneer history. Some of the artifacts are actually from some of the wagons from the Donnor-Reed Party. 

The kids, of course, loved the jail and this tiny cabin! 

Next time you are near Grantsville, be sure to visit the Donnor-Reed Museum! 

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Call ahead and a local volunteer will meet you there.
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips
  • It's not open all the time. You have to call the phone numbers of locals who run the museum on the plaque outside the building. We called about 4 numbers before someone picked up. He ran over and gave us an excellent tour. 
  • No Restrooms


(435) 843-3100

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