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Baby Animal Season is finally here! We visited Cross E Ranch in Salt Lake City yesterday and we almost died of cuteness! We've been to Cross E Ranch since their first year opening and we ALWAYS love coming back. Be sure to use "Salt15" for 15% off any ticket type! Online and at the door! 

There's something about tiny kids holding tiny baby animals right?

Cross E Ranch just keeps making more and more updates, we've loved seeing how everything has changed over the years. 

Cross E Ranch is one of the OLDEST Brands in Utah! 

I was kind of surprised at how everyon wanted to hold the goats. Aiko just went up and hugged one and Berdee just picked one up and sat right down!

Aiko had made a check list while we were waiting in the car of all the things she wanted to see. After visiting the chicks and goats she's like "Mom, I need to check!" Somehow we kept that whole list in one piece while she checked off her items. We kept looking for the corn pit, but couldn't find one.

Holding tiny baby chicks was never easier! We loved the varying heights of the chick tables. Our tiny toddlers were able to watch the chicks along with their bigger siblings. 

Aren't those chicks funny?

Vesper really wanted to hold the chicks...and kept grabbing for them. I helped her out, I didn't quite trust her to carefuly hold the chicks. 


These aren't quite bouncers...or are they? Either way, it's always a favorite spot. 

Somehow I missed seeing the donkey! 

We were ready to go when suddenly the wagon came by. So of course we need to get a ride! 

I really love Cross E's quality in everything they do. ​​Since there was rain the day before, they put sawdust out everywhere a child could possibly walk. I had even put everyone in their rain boots just incase we found mud, but we didn't really even need them. 

Wear those kids out with the giant slides!

If you are heading there today, be sure to use our 15% off coupon! SALT15

Remember how we couldn't find the corn pit?! Well, that's because there isn't one, it's a PINTO BEAN pit! And there are three of them in the barn! 

Entrance Fee(s)
Check the website for hours and tickets!
Helpful Tips
  • Plan on at least 1-1.5 hours.
  • Takes cards
  • Food is always delicious there!
  • Be respectful of the baby animals!
  • There are season passes that you can also use the SALT 15 coupon on!
  • Toddler friendly
  • Bathrooms available
  • Semi-Stroller friendly. It's kind of hard to roll them through the gravel.
  • Bring Mosquito Repellant

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