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Glamping! This word has probably been added to the dictionary by now, but do you know what it is? GLORIUS, Glamorous, CAMPING! Thanks to our sponsors Conestoga Ranch, we can show you all the magic of Glamping! 

Best Park? There is a Glamping spot right here in Bear Lake Utah! Say Hello to Conestoga Ranch!

Now, if you are new to the Glamping term, don't worry, we're about to share ALL the magic to be had in Conestoga Ranch. (You can also see our Conestoga Ranch past articles here.) 

The magic at Conestoga Ranch happens right when you roll up. Immediately, someone is there to help load up your luggage and drive you and your family straight to your camping spot. Plus, the front desk hands you a cute little s' mores package and roasting sticks. 

Next, your luggage is carried and placed inside your tent. 

Then, you unveil your magical tent to all the world and smile a huge SMILE! 

You've done it! You are GLAMPING at Conestoga Ranch! 

Now, just relax! You didn't even have to pack camping chairs! You've already got some there!

Want to roast some s'mores? Why just text the front office staff and they'll send Michael to come and start your fire. (Don't forget to tip!)

Our kids loved Michael. He was super sweet and we had some good conversations around the fire with him. Every time Michael drove by (which was a lot) the kids would all yell "Hi, Michael!" Michael even remember ALL my kids' names!

Haven't seen your kids in a while?! No problem! They are probably playing down at the park or riding the bikes around Conestoga Ranch. Or maybe they ran to your friend's tent to hang out. Or maybe the kids ran down to go rope themselves some cattle or play arcade games in the game tent. 

Or maybe your tiny two-year-old walked all the way down the path to the cars, but don't worry, you can still see her from your tent and she can still hear you yelling her name! (She did this multiple times but honestly, I wasn't worried.)

It's all good because you are Glamping. You don't even have to worry about food! You've got the Campfire Grill within a 2-minute walk from your tent. Just make sure to set up a reservation. 

This isn't made up magicalness, it's all very real. 

We loved every minute of our stay, even when our 5-year-old had the 24-hour flu while Glamping. It didn't even matter, because we had everything we needed. 

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Thanks to Conestoga Ranch for sponsoring The Salt Project and for sponsoring our GIVEAWAY! We're super excited to share this Staycation Giveaway!

We are giving away a whole Staycation Package to Conestoga Ranch! Go and enter here! 

Be sure to #TheSaltProject on your trips to Conestoga Ranch! We want to see the magic! 

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DISCOUNT for Conestoga Ranch!! "SALT" for 15% off any night in 2019! Expires June 30th, 2019. 

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