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There is SO much to do at the Treehouse Museum, we had to split it into two posts and quite honestly, we didn't even scratch the surface.  I realized that we don't have photos of the Music area, the Presidential Room, the craft center, the giant chess sets, (yes, plural) the Lego area, the Russian Area, the Camelot dress up and play area, the Asian countries, the England, Mongolian, and German Area.  I know I haven't even named some of them.  Guys, literally, it's like a miniature theme park at every corner.  We'll just have to go back to show you even more.

I guess I should explain that there really is a tree house with stairs up it.  Plus on the outside there is a climbing area for the kids to climb up.  My two year old isn't quite big enough for it, so we do try to avoid it.


The Utah room is quite cool.  You have the red rocks and Arches surround the state.  The floor itself is an interactive board, asking questions where you have to go and stand on the right city/county.

The Barnyard

The Barn has a cow that you can milk, a sheep that moves and a whole bunch of puppet barn animals.

Toddler Section

The Toddler section has train sets and some mini obstacle courses the avid crawler.

The Train

The Train is for the kids to climb, pretend to be the conductor and gather tickets.  Aiko always has to climb on for a picture.


These wooden rocking horses and bull are always a favorite.  Most sections have costumes for the kids to dress up.  The mural is one of my favorites too.  Every time we go, we find someone new.  Like Darth Vader is hiding in there. Aiko just recently found Curious George in the stadium as well.  We should probably add this mural to our Ogden Mural list right?


I had never even stepped into this school house before.  It was adorable. Aiko somehow knew exactly what to do, even though she's never actually been to school.  Olyvia fell right into the role of the teacher.

The Diner

The diner has to be one of my favorite places.  It's newer too.  Just imagine an all chrome diner inside and out, deep fried onions and fries just coming out hot, bar stools with some Beach Boys playing in the background, all while enjoying your ice cream sundae.  Complete with a ticket system. The food at the diner is almost too REAL.  It's just very strange how real it seems.  Once you go, you'll see what I mean.

Doctor Office

Aiko does love playing pretend with all the baby dolls.  You'll find yourself able to analyze some DNA, peek in on all the babies in the waiting room, recreate a skeleton and wear the Doctor's jacket for a day.

Curious George

The Curious George Section had so many new things.  It's actually on loan from Minnesota and it' so cool. 

You can build blocks and put them on a conveyor belt, blow air at all the windmills, play with lighting, build with Tinker Toys, golf with George.  So much to do. 

The kids thought it was amazing. 

The Market

Nothing like picking out your fresh produce then weighing it for the price.  It's also a newer area that is one of our favorite areas.  We love bananas and the avocados there.

Hidden on the main floor right as you walk in is the Theater Room.  Often times, you'll hear announcements about the plays, but I never knew where it was.  The kids get to be the actors and dress up while someone narrates.  Apparently, it's one of the big favorites among the school groups!

As you can see, there's so much to do and see.  I feel like it's cool even for the parents.  It is a super interactive place that keeps me entertained as well as all our kids. 

So, yeah, it's nice we talk about all this right?  Well, we really wanted to give everyone else a chance to come and visit the Treehouse Museum as well!

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Treehouse is often quite busy and strollers can block walkways, limiting wheelchair access, and even damage exhibits. Because of this all strollers must be parked in the locker lobby. Exceptions are made for moms with physical issues, twins, and sleeping babies. Treehouse has small baby slings for loan.


If you have a Membership the lockers are included as well.
Leave your strollers at home.  They don't really let you take them pass entry.
With my 2 year old we usual go for an hour at a time.
The Membership is totally the way to go!  Think birthday presents, Christmas presents, but lasts for a whole year. Plus ANY two adults can use the pass with the child.  So it's awesome for Grandparents outings too.


Kendra Wed, 04/01/2015 - 09:06

Never been to the museum, but it looks like a lot of fun! I know my son would love the George exhibit!

Jessica Wed, 04/01/2015 - 13:56

We have been biting at the bit to get up to Ogden to try The Treehouse! We hear great things about it, and this post just made it all the more tantalizing!

Shantell Payne Wed, 04/01/2015 - 21:00

Oh man I have been dying to visit the treehouse museum it looks amazing!! My kids adore curious George! This would be epic!!

Shantell Payne Wed, 04/01/2015 - 21:09

Fingers crossed my 2yr old and 6 ye old would love this! Looks so fun! And George to boot!! Does not get much better! Yeahhhh!

Wendy Billings Thu, 04/02/2015 - 11:40

I posted 2 days ago and I can't see my comment. I also comment in the other site and I don't see as well.

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