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Camping in Moab with kids... it was AWESOME!


The first time I ever came here, was back in college, my best friend and I jumped in my 4runner with a couple sleeping bags and a box of food and off we went. We fell in love instantly. I went back the following year with friends and then got married and started a family and moved out of state and...

20 years later, got invited to go camping with friends. I was so excited to go back, and to take the kids!


Here is a list of our favorite family friendly things to do in Moab, and some highlights from camping off grid in Lil' Mill.

#1 Arches National Park (Delicate Arch & Windows)

#2 Off Roading Fins n' Things trail

#3 Hiking Indian Ladder & Moonflower Trail


We found an awesome off grid camping spot on the side of the main rd. I was surprised by how much land there was for off grid camping. If you want to secure a camping spot, you need to make reservations months in advance. And definitely consider going off season. We went between spring break and memorial day, so it wasn't too busy or hot. 

I don't have an address for our spot, but if you want to know, shoot me an email and send you the secret coordinates. It was a lovely place with plenty of room for the kids to explore and climb. There was also a cool cave a mile or so away that we went to explore.

My kids LOVE these little cereals that we only buy for camping.



To see the Before & After of Lil' Mill, and a post about camper packing hacks, check out this post.

Our friends thought we were crazy to bring a kitten camping. But Ginger was THE BEST! She was so sweet and cuddly and slept all night. We would definitely do it again.

Sleeping babies.


Another cool thing we saw was the star link. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend googling it and finding when they can be spotted in your area. It looks like Santa and 3 minutes worth of reindeer flying through the sky.


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