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We headed to Southern Utah a few weeks ago so we could get in some warm weather biking! I love writing about our favorite biking partner, Yuba Cargo Bikes! I've been DYING to take my new Yuba Bike out of the garage. I've ridden my Yuba (his name is still pending, we are taking suggestions) only a handful of times and usually the kids and I are bundled up since it's been so cold. Originally, we were going to head to Zion National Park, but after hearing on the news that tourists would be flooding the area with at least an hour wait to get into the park, we headed to Snow Canyon.

One could easily plan a few full days of activities in Snow Canyon, so be sure to read some of our past articles on what to do there. New there!

We've been lucky enough to meet a fellow adventurer, Arika, who lives in Southern Utah and knows all the best spots. She's a photographer that specializes in capturing Southern Utah Adventures! If you are ever in the area and want some amazing photos, be sure to give Arika a call and book a session!

All photos shown here were taken by Arika at Zion Adventure Photog.

If you've been following along for the past couple months, you've probably seen a few Instastories about the Yuba Bike. I'll be writing about why I chose this particular bike over another later, but for now, I'm super excited to show you HOW EASY a Yuba Bike can be to ride with three kids.

I've got to give you some stats so you can get the full picture. I am 5'1" and am fairly stocky. I'm also 16 weeks pregnant (in these photos) which adds 20 pounds extra to boot. (I was actually a little worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it being pregnant and towing my three littles.) Yes, I am wearing a dress. Why? Well, I've found I can do ALMOST everything in a dress/skirt that I can in pants.

I'm wearing a Nutcase Helmet (Dots model). (Now that I think about it, I'm going to write a post solely about helmet safety in the future.)

My baby is a year old (though she is extra tiny, she is very sturdy) and weighs about 15 pounds. Her helmet is from Nutcase as well. It's the smallest helmet I could find on the market. I"ll admit, it's still a bit big on her, but it makes me feel safer anyway.

My boy is four and weighs about 32 pounds (also short.) His helmet came from Micro Scooters (he loves matching colors with his baby sister).

My oldest is five and weighs 43 pounds and is built like her mama, short and stocky - I mean - she's solid. Her helmet is also from Micro Scooters.

So when I started to do the math, I realized that I would be hauling around 100 extra pounds (Including kids and my *ahem* extra baby weight.) While I work out at least 3 times a week, I'm not in the peak physical shape I envisioned myself biking around in - but who ever really is.

Now, most people probably won't be able to fit three kids on the back at once, especially, if you have the Yepp Maxi Easy Fit for the babies. Mine are very short/little compared to other kids their ages, but they were very comfortable and happy.

The trail is pretty flat (the few miles we rode, because it's actually an 18 mile trail) with some hills, so my pregnant self was able to bike happily.

I'll admit, I cannot easily start going uphill from a stop with all three kids in the's a little hard. (I did have to get a push going uphill or turn around and get a running start.) And I haven't really tried conquering any large, steep hills yet either. But for my general cruising purposes, it's a dream.

One of the best things about the Yuba Bike Sweet Curry is how easy it is to get the kids in and out. I can easily lift them out in and out. The kids can also get themselves in and out as long as you have the Stand Alone Kickstand down.

It's fairly easy to stop and push the kickstand out.

Tip: Tell the kids to sit up straight, if someone is leaning, it throws you off balance a wee bit. We've almost tipped over once, but it was one of our VERY first times on the bike.

I always try to bring snacks on basically every occasion.

These kids can get hangry quick!

I'm so excited to be biking around with the whole family, safely and easily this summer. Even if it's the husband riding the Yuba (I'm not that good about sharing, but a pregnant belly might force my hand.) I've got a list of places I want to Ogden's Farmer's Market, The Dinosaur Museum, The Treehouse Museum, Ogden's Bike Trails, all the parks, and Even Stevens...since they have my favorite Peanut Butter Cookies right now. (No, this isn't a sponsored shout-out, these really are places we love to go.)

Where are some of your favorite places to bike in Utah? I'd love to hear where and why!

I might be more than a little in love with my Spicy Curry Yuba Bike. I'm sure you can see why! Thanks to Arika for capturing these true moments of happiness!

Have questions? We'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about Yuba Bikes!

Entrance Fee(s)
Utah State Park Fees Apply
Helpful Tips
  • Bathrooms are available in the State Park. Fees Apply.
  • Take plenty of water and snacks.
  • Take Sunscreen
  • Helmets from Nutcase & Micro Scooters.

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