Bakers Hot Spring

While visiting Meadow Hot Springs down the street (ish) we met someone that told us about these hot springs! He said it was basically "on the way home". Also it's totally out of the way in the middle of nowhere. It's all relative right?

Yes, it was north, and on our way home, but we had to make quite the detour into the west dessert to get there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND by the way. 

We pull up and immediately a man in a robe approaches our vehicle. I figured he thought we were lost and looking for the hot springs and he was coming to help. Well, he did point us in the right direction "just over there, behind the last RV". But first he asked us if we were part of the camping group. We said no and he couldn't hide the look of disappointment on his face. "Oh", he mumbled. Then went on to explain that we had stumbled upon a Nudist Colony Camping Trip that had booked this campsite for the weekend.

He said we were welcome to stay and join them for the day. 

So kind of him.

And said that we could use the hot springs, but just to be aware that no one would have clothes on for the remainder of our time there and they had only put robes on out of respect to a newcomer. 

He said they always cover up if a car enters camp out of respect to any unsuspecting visitors.

Well, we didn't drive all this way to turn around over some nudists, so we jumped in and enjoyed a soak of our own. 

Lucky for us, there was only 1 person in the pools when we arrived. By the time we got in, there were 3 people soaking, but we had a pool to ourselves, especially lucky for us since everyone soaking was nude! Hard pass sharing a little tub with nakkies. Especially VERY giddy nakkie old men. GAG. They were way to excited for us to be there. And I'm sure they were more than a little disappointed that we didn't join their colony, even after multiple invitations to do so were offered to us.

These pots are way warmer than meadow too.

Absolutely nothing around for miles, other than an outhouse and camping spots.

These hot pots are nice and hot! You can direct more hot water or cold water as you wish. They are fairly good size, could fit 4-6 each, and there are 3 pools.

The downside of only 3 pools, is that you might have to chance crashing a pool that is already in use, which is kind of annoying but I've yet to meet someone that wasn't more than willing to scoot over to fit more people.




Sorry, only got photos of the one pool, since the others were occupied.

2 tips,

Hot springs are usually on BLM land and that means clothing optional. This isn't my first time seeing naked peeps at a hot spring, and i'm sure it won't be my last. But in my experience, people have been super respectful about it. But I have heard stories of people flaunting things around children. Just because clothing is optional, doesn't mean all respect and dignity are optional too. 

If people are wearing robes camping... could be a good chance you have stumbled upon more than you bargained for.

Be kind. Be respectful. Leave it better than you found it. There is more than enough of this beautiful earth for all of us to experience and enjoy. The end.

PS Thanks for being here. Love you all!


Helpful Tips

Follow the dirt road until you see the obvious camping area and outhouses. Springs are located to your right. You can drive right up. There is a turn around and small parking area.

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