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We've heard about the Antelope Buffalo Round-Up for years, I guess we'll just keep on hearing about it, too.  Apparently there is a Round-up — before the official Round-up. The first Round-up was the real Round-up we wanted to see.  Get it?


Well we didn't' either.  Let me start from the beginning. It was a fine, glorious November morning as we headed out to the lonely island in the Great Salt Lake.

Not really sure where we should go for said Round-up, we headed towards the Fielding Garr Ranch.  (It's 19 miles from the Visitor Center.)  It was safe to assume that the bison would be at the ranch right?  Wrong — but it turned out okay. 

Upon arriving at the ranch, we realized there was no possible way a buffalo or a whole herd of bison could be there.  Nonetheless, we decided to go on an unplanned adventure.

We roped us some cattle. 

Visited some unoccupied corrals.

Hung up the laundry.

Found two love birds, the Great Horned Owls.  (This seems to be a theme in all our adventures...the Great Horned Owls.)

Roped us some more cattle.

We pretty much took over the place.  The kids were running all over, and we loved it. 

After a few hours at the ranch we decided it was time to say "Ado."  Our friendly tour guide "guided" us to the fact that the Round-Up had happened the week before, right on the road we just came in on.  He said there were a couple hundred cowboys on horses and around 500 bison on that road.  He also said that we could go see all the Bison up at the Corral.  Because that's where the Bison would be right? 

As we took the long, 20ish mile drive from the Fielding Garr Ranch to the Bison Pen, we vowed to make it NEXT year for sure. 

We finally found the Buffalo pens!  We weren't really sure what was going on, but from what we could gather, there was an auction going on.  They would randomly choose this or that cow (?) to tag or not to tag.  We really wanted to go and stand up on the railing, but weren't invited.  They did have a large look-out that was not really well placed.  Maybe if you were 10 feet tall you could actually see the bison coming in.  So we stood there for a while, trying to see what was going on, but we finally ended up standing right up against the fence where they brought in all the buffalo to tag. 

This little guy was so small they couldn't even bring his head into the noose area.  We stood there for a while, watching them tag the buffalo, but eventually left — because really, it was just kind of weird.  So again, next year, we are totally going the week earlier, so we can watch all the cowboys bring in the herd.  The kids thought it was cool though, so really, that's all that matters! 

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6:00am - 6:00pm
Entrance Fee(s)
$10 per vehicle up to 8 people
Senior entrance fee (Utah residents over 62 years of age): $5 per vehicle up to 8 people
Bicycles and Pedestrians: $3 per person
Commercial Groups (over 8 people per vehicle): $3 per person and $5 per bus
Educational Groups: $1 per person with prior reservation
Helpful Tips

It can get very hot here in the summer, so make sure to bring lots of water.

Bathrooms are available

(801) 773-2941

Liss Thu, 11/27/2014 - 14:01

I wish I could put your blog in my blog reader. I can't see any way to do that, my husband says your RSS feed (or whatever) is turned off for your website, it's something you have to actually go into and turn off, all websites have it automatically turned on.
The sign might say "buffalo corral" but they are bison. Buffalo are water or cape buffalo, from Asia and Africa. I wish I could share my picture from the round-up, at one point about 6 bison headed toward the road where we were parked, I got some crazy close pictures as they thundered by.

harm Sun, 11/30/2014 - 22:33

Liss, I'll have to check out the RSS Feed. We'll get that turned on soon. Thanks for the info on buffalo/bison...we were actually debating what they actually were! We'd love to see your photos from the round-up actually! E-mail us, we'd love to feature you on the blog!

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