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May 24, 2015. There was a crazy amount of snow at Cedar Breaks. Look what happens after just two months. 

Aiko and I would like to introduce you to Alpine Loop Hike at Cedar Breaks National Monument. One of the most beautifully floral hikes we've ever been on. I always love seeing the Red Rocks of Southern Utah.

We actually went on this hike when Aiko was six months and I probably just realized I was pregnant with Orion. So it's been a while. But it was in the middl

I've been meaning to post about this hike, because every year Cedar Breaks has a Wildflower Festival with guided tours. But I just missed the dates by a week! Never fear, there are a bunch of other mountains that have plenty of wildflowers just a bloomin' right now! I've got a list below!

Alpine Loop is a fairly easy hike. We have Aiko and then four other kids under the age of 10 hiking.

It really was a breathtaking hike.

It was so hard not to stop and take a photo of every new color.

Shady, with easy places to stop and rest. Plus you can either hike to the lake or turnaround and take the loop out.

I really wanted to make it back again this year, but it just wasn't in the cards.

My husband just always attracts all the kids.

Man...if only I lived four hours closer!

So for now, we'll just have to visit some of the other mountains in bloom!

Wildflower Festivals in Utah 2015

Ben Lomond Peak is in full bloom! Check out the recent photo here!

Cottonwood Canyon Wildflower Festival July 24, 25, 26

Wasatch Wildflower Festival will be hosted at the following ski locations:

  • Brighton (am) & Solitude (pm)
  • Saturday, July 25th - Alta
  • Sunday, July 26th - Snowbird

Cedar Breaks National Monument -Sadly, this has already passed, but it's still worth a drive, I'm sure you'll see some flowers anyway! You could always call ahead, but honestly, you just need to go, it's a magnificent view.

Summer Season: Late May - mid-October
Visitor Center and restrooms: Open daily 9am - 6pm
Entrance Fee(s)
Cedar Breaks Individual Fee: $4 Per Person Valid for seven days, this fee is for visitors, age 16 or older, entering the park. Children age 15 and under are free. This fee is paid at the entrance station at Point Supreme.
Helpful Tips

We took the cut-off at the pond, which makes it a 1 mile loop. Otherwise, check below for more details.

  • Easy-Moderate Hike
  • Bathrooms located at Visitor Center
  • Dogs Not Allowed
  • Bring water
  • It's a fun hike to have a picnic at.
  • Bring Bugspray
  • Bring Camera
  • Bring Sunscreen

Alpine Pond Nature Trail

This trail is a two-mile double-loop trail through forest and meadows. The lower trail offers excellent views of the "breaks." The upper trail takes you past meadows of native wildflowers, through spruce-fir-aspen forest, and past ancient deposits of volcanic materials. Located half-way through the loop is the Alpine pond. This natural, spring-fed pond offers visitors a quiet location to enjoy and relax. A small strand of bristlecone pines can also be viewed from this trail. The Alpine Pond is easy to moderate in difficulty. For a shorter trail, take the cut-off at the pond to make the hike a one-mile loop trail.

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