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Why weren't Woom Bikes around when I was a kid? I have some pretty vivid memories of learning to ride my bike when we lived in New Mexico. Most of our front yard was lava rock and large spider bushes. I remember running into the bushes multiple times and always worrying about crashing into the lava rocks. I still remember that terrifying feeling of my dad letting go of my bike seat.

So when Aiko started asking for a bicycle for her birthday, I knew we needed to chat with Woom Bikes. 

Stephanie and her kids have been riding Woom Bikes for a few years now and have always RAVED about their bikes. (See Riz's Woom Video How to Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike in 9 Minutes we made years ago!)

I've always felt like my kids were behind on the bike situation. Aiko's very small for her age like she's only 41" tall and 6 years old. Everyone is always blown away when she tells them she's 6 and she's that little. 

Woom Bikes suggested that we get Aiko the Woom Plus 1. It's for kids from 3-4.5 years old, but since Aiko is so small and really doesn't have much biking experience, I thought the Plus 1 would be best to start out with. 

Aiko actually has a wooden balance bike that I bought years ago, but she didn't fit it until this year. I was thinking, a bike is a bike right!? Wrong. This wooden bike, while super cute, is super awkward for her. The seat goes up and down but the width of the seat makes it super uncomfortable and she can't ride it long before she gets sore. Basically, this bike was meant to be cute looking and that's all. She's NEVER been able to figure how to ride it well. 

The moment she got on her Woom 1 Plus Bike, she soared!

After just five minutes she was already pulling her legs up and balancing! For a brief moment, I thought that maybe I should have gotten her a pedal bike. 

She spent the next hour showing me all her new tricks on her bike, like going in a circle and using her hand brakes. 

Speaking of hand brakes, can we talk about how the brakes are different colors to help you figure out which brake goes to which wheel!? Genius. I still have a hard time remembering as an adult. 

These Woom bikes truly are amazing. Aiko's confidence and endurance have been growing. She loves being able to actually bike around with us. We even took it to Zion National Park to ride on the Pa-Rus trail

I love how light the Woom Bikes are too, Aiko can actually carry her own bike around!

If you are on the fence about which bike to get your kids, you should go for the Woom Bikes! Stephanie has raved about them and now we are too! 

After we biked home that first day, Aiko placed her bike against the wall, walked off and gazed back at her bike. After a moment she said, "Mom, I just can't stop looking at my bike!"

Thanks to Woom for sponsoring our little Aiko's Birthday Bike!

This post is sponsored, but The Salt Project's opinions are 100% our own.

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