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I am 37 weeks pregnant today. Last week, I decided that I should go on a hike. Now, I haven't done so much as a walk around my block in months...I had been going to the gym, but the last month I've just been flat out lazy. Wasatch Little Explorers Club posted a meet-up and I figured today was my day to try something new and meet some new people!

Ashley runs WLEC and posts weekly meet-ups. For this hiking meet-up, she planned for us to hike the trail on 9th Street in Ogden. 

It's part of the Bonneville shoreline and where the Ogden 9th Street Mountain Bike Park.

Basically, the hike consists of a dirt paved road that's perfect for a pregnant mama and toddlers. We let the littles explore the surrounding areas and go off the road whenever they wanted. At one point of the hike we found this cool cave on the left hand side.

I checked out the inside, but it went pretty deep and was pretty muddy, so I didn't go too far in.

Sometimes hiking with toddlers is super fun, especially, when you let them lead the hike and basically do whatever they want. (As long as they aren't in danger of course.)

Aiko (4) was the oldest of the 4 kids and was a good leader.

It was fun watching all the kids follow each other around.

Orion was really into finding treasures, like deer poop. It seemed like every 5 minutes he was yelling at me to check out the next pile he found.

The kids seemed to find most of the hard spots to climb. I wonder if they are just drawn to tiny hills that push their limits.

Here's Ashley with the whole little group. I loved the whole feel to our small group. It was nice that everyone kind of watched out for each others kid.

After about an hour of hiking around, we decided it was time to head back.

On the way, the kids suddenly found the bike park and really wanted to run even more.

They would run up and down the hills and turns.

We probably could have just hiked around here and the kids would have loved it just as much. It also inspired me to get my kids going on bikes. This would be super fun with a Strider bike or a Woom bike.

When we were finally able to pull the kids away we set up an impromptu picnic on the back of the truck. It was the perfect, sunny day. Thanks to Ashley for putting together this meet-up. Check out her website and a little bit about the Wasatch Little Explorers Club below!

Hello all! Ashley from @wasatchlittleexplorersclub here! We are an adventure club for families that live along the Wasatch. Our meet ups are free, weekly, and all families are invited! We regularly do hikes together, field trips, group runs, and moms nights. Our mission as a non-profit club is to connect families while enjoying nature together.


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