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Today we've got Brielle telling us a little about Southern Utah!

1. Silver Reef Mining Museum

The Silver Reef Mining Museum is located amongst the ruins of the actual old mining town of Silver Reef. There are several old foundations around the property that are easily accessible and fun to climb around and look at. After you look around the old town and explore a little I recommend paying the money to see the museum. 

It’s pretty cool and all the artifacts displayed there are actually things they’ve found on site or in surrounding areas.

Also, you can get a little scavenger hunt sheet for each of the kids that they can use as you go through the museum.  The items pictures are easy to find and it makes it kinda fun to look through all the old stuff.  Even my kids who usually aren’t all that excited by museums thought this was a fun way to experience it.

If you mark off all of the pictures they let you look through their collection of desert crystals and pick one out to keep. 

We bought each of the kids a $1 ice cream bar and enjoyed them out in the sun.

2. Cemetary

If you really want to take your adventure up a notch there are a handful of old ATV trails that branch out from the museum going in different directions.  Of course these would be perfectly fun to just walk/ hike on but this time we took our 4 wheeler out to just explore and see what was out there.

We came across an old pioneer cemetery and the top of one bluff.

My kids have this rather irreverent habit of playing “zombie tag”  whenever we find ourselves at a cemetery so even though I tried talking to them about what the people buried here might have been like or how they lived it all ends up in zombie tag anyway.

3. Mines

Another fun thing about these desert hills surrounding the Silver Reef Museum is all the abandoned mines. We found about 5 of them within a couple miles of each other. They are all closed so there is no danger of anyone getting hurt. They are really fun to throw rocks into and listen for how deep they go. Plus we just learned all about the miners at the museum so you get a real immersed kind of experience going on a little mine hunt of your own.

Brielle Wollenzien is a busy mom of 5 ranging from ages 2-9.  She loves finding adventures for her family near their home in Spanish fork and with a little help from the mini van entertainment system even a few hours away. You can follow her and her rambunctious crew on Instagram as @ohbrielle .

Be sure to #thesaltproject on your adventures!

Mon, Thurs, Sat 10-5
Entrance Fee(s)
$3/person or $10/family
Helpful Tips

Just make sure you have plenty of water. About twice as much as you’d normally bring on a hike because this is the desert!  


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