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When I first learned about 2$ Tuesdays at Jungle Jim, set aside from being in awe, I was SAD that no one had told me about this before! I have 3 year old twins and a 4 year old. When my husband is working late, evenings can be pretty brutal. However, Jungle Jim’s has saved my sanity on crazy Tuesday nights. Also, adults with children get in FOR FREE.

Jungle Jim’s is located in Midvale, super close to the Fort Union Exit off of 215. It has indoor carnival rides, an arcade, and an area to throw birthday parties. It’s appropriate for kids 11 and younger. There is so much I love about this place. First I love the benches! I’m not sure what this tells you about myself, but I love the easy access to benches! (Maybe this is a little revealing on the type of parent I become at 7pm.) There are benches to sit and stare at your kids. All the carnival rides are close to each other, so if you have one kid that wants to do one thing and another do something else, you can still be close to each child. The carnival rides are toned down for young children too, meaning the swings don’t go crazy high and the little teacup ride doesn’t spin any child crazy.

They have places to bounce and to jump and even a section for the littles who are avid crawlers or unsteady walkers. I’m telling you this place is a wonderful place for not only school age children but the smaller ones as well.

I have only been on Tuesdays. I have been during the day and in the evening. During the day there are moms EVERY WHERE. It’s like the cool place to be! It opens at 11am and I always try to be there as close as possible to 11am to avoid bigger crowds. I never feel like we are waiting in line for “too long,” which I think says something when you have a set of 3 year olds with short attention spans.

When I take my kids with my friends I feel like I am able to have legit conversations because my kids sit in these rides and are totally entertained by whatever the ride is doing. Needless to say they are STRAPPED in. (So they can’t climb out!) Unlike when I take the kids to the zoo or the park and I feel like I can’t keep track of the topic of conversation I am having, because I am worried about whether or not my child is going to kill them self or someone else. Let’s be real here, we go out with our friends and their kids to the park to have adult moments, but how often do you feel like you actually talked about something substantial?

Evenings definitely have less people, more school age children, but you can’t complain about shorter lines. I’m just happy that this place closes at 9pm. I can run my kids tired and then come home and throw them all into bed.

They sell food too, like pizzas, chicken nuggets, fries, soft drinks, etc. You cannot bring your own food in, but you can bring your own birthday cakes. Generally, they ask that you make reservations if you want to have a little birthday gathering, but I was also told that if no one is there you can still use their tables for birthdays. (No surprise that Saturday is their most crowded day for birthday parties.)

This place is totally worth the 2$ per child!

Thanks Riahannon for letting us know about this $2 Secret in Midvale!


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