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Meadow Hot Springs

When 2 photographers wake up at 3am, hit the road by 3:30am, drive 3 hrs south to arrive at 6:30am, just in time to catch the sunrise at Meadow Hot Springs, then jump in the car and drive home... well, that was the plan. We made a slight detour to hit another hot spring and ended up crashing a nudist colony! You can find that story HERE. Not my typical educational post. You can find a Full Hot Springs Guide HERE. Just wanted to share the beautiful moody images we captured. Sunrise. Just two gals, exploring with no kiddos. And

Bakers Hot Spring

While visiting Meadow Hot Springs down the street (ish) we met someone that told us about these hot springs! He said it was basically "on the way home". Also it's totally out of the way in the middle of nowhere. It's all relative right? Yes, it was north, and on our way home, but we had to make quite the detour into the west dessert to get there. HIGHLY RECOMMEND by the way. We pull up and immediately a man in a robe approaches our vehicle. I figured he thought we were lost and looking for the hot springs and
Mothers Day at Caffe Torino - Winner of the UTAH TASTE OFF steph Wed, 04/27/2022 - 22:32
Caffe Torino has been a favorite of ours for years now. Driving down Main St. in Farmington, lined in giant sycamore trees, pulling up to the little historic home that has been converted to a caffe. The darling patio with twinkle lights and live music all summer. It's one of my favorite places to visit on summer evenings, or special occasions like Mothers Day. Oh, and then we have the food. The crepe's, the panini's, the drinks, the gelato. And if those weren't good enough reasons to go visit for Mothers Day, snagging a Utah Taste Off winning Mango Coconut


We have a family goal to visit ALL of the Counties in Utah! And we are obsessed with our County Scratch-off Map! After visiting each new county, we scratch it off and get one step closer to our goal. Can't wait to finish it! Check out our Salt Project Shop. They make a great gift idea too. And, as it hangs on our wall, we are reminded of all the fun memories we have made over the years staycationing all over our home state and visiting so many incredible places. You can start this tradition with your family too! It's

Southern Utah - WEEKEND GUIDE

Southern Utah is one of our favorite getaways in the spring and fall. We are so excited to share a list of our favorite adventures and some pretty incredible food too! AND we have a discount code to Tuacahn. Scroll to the bottom for code and details. Enjoy! Tuacahn The Saturday market at Tuacahn was so fun when we went a couple years ago on a girls trip. It was fun taking the kids this time around. They loved all the vendors. We snagged a DISCOUNT CODE for you! It's good now thru the end of Aug for 20% off

Pintsize Picassos - Black Light Paint Night

We had a friend reach out on Instagram and tell us about this fun family owned business in Bountiful. She said we should check it out because her and her daughter had such a great experience. So... we scheduled the next available class! Which just happened to be a Black Light paint class. Locke had work, but Breck didn't! So I took 80% of the kids to try out Pintsize Picassos. The last time I did a paint class was in 2020 during covid quarantine. Do you remember when we all had to stay home for 3 weeks! Seems like
GOFOTO - Treasure Hunt - SLC FUN steph Wed, 03/23/2022 - 18:23
Have you ever watched The Amazing Race? I did a similar local challenge in 2019 with some friends and we had SO MUCH FUN! I always thought it would be cool to do it as a family one day. Well that time has come! GOFOTO is a GPS Treasure Hunt challenge and they just opened 2 challenges in SLC! Here's how it works, you download the FREE app, select the challenge of your choice, and follow the clues to the treasure! There are 2 challenges, one FREE, one is $3. The first challenge is live right now! It is FREE

Family FUN at The Wick Lab - Draper

Hey there friend! Thanks for stopping by The Salt Project today. We have the funnest activity to share today! Girls Night, Date Night, Family Night, work party, birthday party, bachelorette party, you name it, The Wick Lab is the perfect place to celebrate or just make some fun memories with your favorite people. And, the best part, you get to take home all those memories wrapped up in a beautiful candle that you will continue to enjoy long after your visit. They have 2 locations, Provo and their new location in Draper! We visited their Provo location a couple years

Fifth Hot Springs HIKING GUIDE - Winter edition

Hello adventure families! We are so excited to share this incredible hike with you today. Hiking in the winter with kids might be a bit of a challenge, we definitely had a few curve balls, but it was INCREDIBLE! And I think a winter hike to Fifth Hot Springs might be our new tradition. We will be sharing a bunch of tips throughout this post as well as sharing our favorite pools and why. Learn from our mistakes. And prep before you go and you will have a great experience. Also, be sure to read the *winter tips at the
Snowshoeing with kids - SUNDANCE steph Wed, 02/02/2022 - 23:03
Yes, Sundance has some amazing skiing, but did you know they offering snowshoeing too? You can rent gear, even teeny tiny snowshoes that are so cute you will want to have another baby, even if you are done having babies. We took a guided tour from a biologist. He was full of facts and knowledge and shared it along the way. We learned about the history of Sundance, about the animals, the trees, and mountains. We also saw animal tracks from Mose, Rabbits, Bobcats, Elk, Cougars, and Turkeys! It was a beautiful 2 mile loop trail through the forested mountains

Best Grub at SUNDANCE

We started our blog exactly 7 years ago. Since then we have traveled the State of Utah featuring the BEST Utah has to offer. And I feel confident in saying that Sundance takes the cake for best overall food! We played hard and ate our hearts out over the 3 days that we were visiting. Below is our honest review. There was only one dish that I wasn't a fan of, everything else knocked my socks off with flavor & presentation, and overall exceeded my wildest expectations. Not to be dramatic or anything. But I've been wanting to eat at

Things to do with kids at SUNDANCE

Skiing, Check. Eating, Check. Hiking, Check. Snowshoeing, Check. But did you know they have an art studio? We visited as a family a couple years ago and they kids LOVED it so much! The older kids through a pot on the wheel, and the littles worked with clay and made piggy banks, which they still have and use, and love, and talk about all the time... "mom, remember when we made these"! This time we had the littles on the wheel. I wasn't sure if they would be able to do it, but the instructor helped get them started and

Sundance STAYCATION with kids

Our Sundance Staycation guide is LIVE! And because SO many of you messaged me asking for a discount code, they are hooking you up! Scroll to the bottom for special rate & FREE ski passes! We have visited Sundance in the Summer, the Fall, and the Winter. But we have never #staycationed there and truly immersed ourselves in the full Sundance experience, until this week! Y'all! I can't even put into words how much fun we had, but i'll do my best. First up, when you think Sundance, you think skiing! And so, I dusted off my 22 year old

Suspension Bridge - WINTER EDITION

After our hike we went to Lehi to ride the Timp bike path. It is paved for miles and it's pretty level. We ran into a couple people that had our same board! We get asked all the time which boards we love. My personal fave is my White Wave. My kids love to use mine because its a super smooth ride. But they all have Retrospec boards because they are a little less, and I wanted to see if they liked boarding before investing. I also love my board because its lower to the ground so I feel like

Waterfall Canyon Hike - WINTER EDITION

Waterfall Canyon! Ok, this hike is easy because it's not too long, but it does have a good consistent elevation gain, so take your time and take breaks if you feel your legs start to burn. I don't recommend this one for under five unless you take it slow, but my teens love it. The view in the fall is much to be desired, but spring and winter and EVERYTHING! For hiking gear in the winter, waterproof boots, an inexpensive puffer vest, and spikes is all you need. Depending on the day, I add a beanie or gloves if it's

Car Graveyard - WINTER EDITION

One hike that we always do every single winter and spring is the car graveyard hike. Why? Winter, the waterfall is incredible! It looks like an ice castle! And in the spring, the run off is so powerful, the falls are HUGE! This is also a super fun hike in the fall because its a little spooky with the old cars everywhere. Summer is too hot for me, there is no shade on this hike, so it's a hard pass for me in the summer months. Check out our full hiking guide HERE and which is also the fall edition

Adams Canyon Hike - WINTER EDITION

Adams Canyon in Layton is easily the most popular hike in the city, possibly the county. And for good reason. Two beautiful waterfalls! The lower falls is 20 feet and only 20 minutes from the trailhead. The upper fall has a 40 ft waterfall and is about 2 hrs from trailhead. Its a good incline up the canyon, but totally doable with kids. (more details at the end of this post) I love hiking this trail with my kids, but it was super fun to meet up with my friends Caroline and Sherice for a girls hike!

Deuel Creek Hike - WINTER EDITION

This hike features 11 bridges! 3 waterfalls, watering hole, and a giant rope swing! It's kid friendly Proof HERE. Its BEAUTIFUL and it's rarely frequented in the winter months. We didn't see another person when we went but we did see some massive cougar prints in the snow! This hike was the most amazing winter wonderland and to this day remains my favorite winter hike for that reason alone. The bridges and swing help, but the beauty of this trail is at the top of my list. The waterfall at the end was frozen over so we were able to

5 EPIC WINTER HIKES - Northern Utah

2021 was my year for winter hiking. The only part of hiking that I dislike is getting hot, specifically sweating. Hey, we all have our thing. I like to enjoy nature without getting too hot. And being a ginger, I overheat easily and its very hard to cool down so, due to these health reasons, you won't catch me hiking in the summer mid day. EVER. But, in the winter I found that I can hike when ever I want! And its not as cold as I thought it would be. In fact, I didn't even need a coat! Just

It's 2022, let the Dentist come to you - Dentacor

A few years ago I went to the dentist and they said I needed over 2k worth of work. I was shocked and decided to get a second opinion, and luckily I did because as it turned out, I didn't need any work done! I walked out of the dentist office with a clean bill of oral health and was on my way. I shared my story on social media and was shocked that SO MANY of YOU have had similar experiences. Sadly, dental fraud is real and so many of us fall victim to it each year. When you