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Did you know that every week we try to host a giveaway? They open on Wednesdays and run until Saturdays.  So you might want to check back later, like this Wednesday. :)  In the meantime, check out some photos from our visit to The Living Planet Aquarium in Draper. (You asked for lots of photos!)

The Living Planet Aquarium is quite impressive and interactive. The littles enjoyed seeing all the different sealife!

The Journey to South America

This area might have been our favorite.  Other than being humid (as all of South America I hear is) it was amazing. The trees, vines, birds and super cool exhibits were obviously very well planned out. I'm excited to go back next year and see how much more the vines and stuff have grown!

The youngest kids were quite excited to sit and watch the ducks.

Melinda has actually had a pass for the last year with her kids and says that they just keep adding new exhibits ALL the time!

Let's talk about the show River Monsters...Jeremy wasn't lying, these guys are real.

Most of the displays were kid friendly heights and made for excellent viewing.

How cool is the rope ladder?

It probably took us close to an hour to get through this area. 

4D Theater

So after wards we headed to the 4D Theater for a quick 15 minute show.  All the kids loved it. Not only did they get to wear their cool glasses, but water and air shot out during the movie!   My two year old just sat through the whole thing without moving.  (Although, I wish I had some ear plugs for the wee babes. ) The show was funny and entertaining.

Tuki's Island Play Center

After the movie, we decided to try the Tuki's Island Play Center.  This room is PRETTY COOL. If only I were a child again. This isn't your average play place.

I'd totally have a birthday party here! There is something for each age.

The Toddler/Baby Section.

The actual playground itself is pretty impressive.  Ages 2-12 are allowed inside to play.

The little interactive soccer board was something I'd never seen before. You just kicked a fake light ball around and somehow it moved when you kicked it. Crazy cool.


Man, aren't these guys adorable?  As I write this Aiko is watching the Penguin Cam, just watching the penguins eating and waddling around. 

I mean, who doesn't love to watch these guys swim and play? I kept thinking back to those movies, March of the Penguins and Happy Feet. I was half expecting one of them to break out into song or Morgan Freeman to start narrating over the speaker.

When we were there, each of the penguins were paired off picking up pebbles and I'm assuming they were on some eggs?

Discover Utah

I'm afraid the next cutest thing in the world may have to be the otters.

We sat for quite a while, watching them play.

Because, everyone needs a Jaws photo right?

Touch Pool and Coral Reef

When I was a kid we had a few pets. We could have fish and a Gecko.  So we had lots of fish.  I used to stare at my beta fish and kind of wish I could pet it...LIKE ALL THE TIME.

The Shark Tunnel

This place kind of gave me the chills, but it was SUPER cool. 

Has anyone watch Sharknado?  I'm kind of surprised that I have, but my husband insisted it was worth a few hours of my life.  (He was wrong.)

Even the babies loved sitting and watching, trying to grab at all the fish. Just imagine little Aiko signing fish.  Normally, its done with just your hand waving kind of like a fish. Instead, she uses her entire arm (like shoulder to fingertips) and waves it back and forth yelling "FISH!" (Thank you Signing Time.)

I felt like the aquarium was the perfect length and time. We probably spent about 3 hours and I'm pretty sure we saw everything.

This photo is one of my favorites.  The quiet before lunch!

So what do you guys think? The kids gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!

Be sure to check out our tips below.  Also, be sure to check back Wednesday, because we may or may not have a Giveaway for some tickets to the Aquarium!

Everyday 10am to 6pm
Entrance Fee(s)
Adults (Ages 18+) $17.95
Senior $14.95
Military $14.95
Student $14.95
Teen (Agest 13-17) $14.95
Kids (3-12) $12.95
Child (2 & Under) Free
Helpful Tips

Be sure to check out the Gift Shop

There is a Scavenger Hunt too.  Be sure to check out the details at the front desk.

Plan for at least 2-3 Hours

Strollers can be taken.

There is a great mother's lounge for diaper changing. 

Tuki’s Island Play & Party Center isn’t just for birthdays. It's a great place just to relax and hang out.  Eating is allowed.  Socks are required. It is an addition $3 per child. (Children 2 and under free.) *Pricing for Tuki's Island Play & Party Center does not include admission to the Aquarium. Admission to the Aquarium must be purchased separately in order to enter Tuki's Island Play & Party Center.

AQUARIUM REWARDS PROGRAM: Check out the program here.

Group Rates

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium offers $2 off regular general admission for groups of 20 or more. To make reservations for a group of 20 or more please call 801-355-3474 ext. 227


Individual Membership


     ● Admission to the Aquarium for 1 year

     ● Unlimited 4D theatre tickets

Child 3-12 .................................. $49.95

Teens 13-17, Students, Seniors, and Military ..................... $54.95

Adult ........................................ $59.95

Family Membership - $179.95


     ● Admission to the Aquarium for 1 year for 2 named adults and up to 4 named children 

     ● Unlimited 4D theatre tickets

* Additional children may be added for $34.95

Family Plus Membership - $249.95


     ● Admission to the Aquarium for 1 year for 2 named adults and up to 4 named children 

     ● 2 Guest admissions to the Aquarium for 1 year

     ● Unlimited 4D theatre tickets

* Additional children may be added for $34.95

All Loveland Living Planet Aquarium memberships include:

Convenience - Scan Your Pass at the Gate and Avoid Lines
Unlimited Admission for 1 Year
Free Admission to Tuki's Island: Play & Party Center
Special Discounts on Gift Shop Items, Café Purchases, Stingray Feedings, Penguin Encounters, Dive Program, Summer Camps, Photo Adventure Packages, Behind The Scenes Tours, and Birthday Parties
Monthly Newsletters, eBlasts, Exclusive Offers & Promotions, Exclusive Invitations to Member Exhibit Sneak Peeks and Special Events

801-355-FISH (3474)

Aliza B (not verified)

Wed, 05/06/2015 - 21:00

The aquarium looks amazing. We went at it's old location and would love to visit the new one. I'm going to put it on our Summer Fun list of things to do. I don't know about the tunnel though. I've seen that Jaws movie one too many times (okay, once) where the glass tunnel gets attacked by the shark. How long is the tunnel?
My favorite part to visit would be the otters, then the penguins. I love the idea of a touch pool too!

Katie Stringer (not verified)

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 10:39

We are so glad to have the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium here in Draper! My child loves all things marine life. This is one of those things that make, this a great place to live.

Heather B (not verified)

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 12:39

We live in Weber County and our favorite park is the Riverdale park...splash pad, lots of trees & grassy areas, walking path, plenty of picnic tables, & 2 playgrounds. Would love to visit the aquarium!

PatrickM (not verified)

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 13:13

I've never been and I'm excited to go. My son went with his grandfather and wants to take me for my birthday!

Marilyn T. (not verified)

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 14:05

West Jordan Park.
Nice blog about the Aquarium. Can't wait to go visit. I haven't been to the new location yet

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