Bear Lake Bucketlist 2022

We are SO excited to be partnering with

Horseback Riding - MW Quarter Horses - Bear Lake

Years ago we visited MW Quarter Horses on a trip to Bear Lake and I've been dreaming of coming ba

Meadow Hot Springs

When 2 photographers wake up at 3am, hit the road by 3:30am, drive 3 hrs south to arrive at 6:30a

Bakers Hot Spring

While visiting Meadow Hot Springs down the street (ish) we met someone that told us about these h

Mothers Day at Caffe Torino - Winner of the UTAH TASTE OFF

Caffe Torino has been a favorite of ours for years now. Driving down Main St.


We have a family goal to visit ALL of the Counties in Utah!

Southern Utah - WEEKEND GUIDE

Southern Utah is one of our favorite getaways in the spring and fall.

Pintsize Picassos - Black Light Paint Night

We had a friend reach out on Instagram and tell us about this fun family owned business in Bounti

GOFOTO - Treasure Hunt - SLC FUN

Have you ever watched The Amazing Race?  I did a similar local challenge in 2019 with some f

Family FUN at The Wick Lab - Draper

Hey there friend! Thanks for stopping by The Salt Project today.

Snowshoeing with kids - SUNDANCE

Yes, Sundance has some amazing skiing, but did you know they offering snowshoeing too?

Car Graveyard - WINTER EDITION

One hike that we always do every single winter and spring is the car graveyard hike. Why?

Adams Canyon Hike - WINTER EDITION

Adams Canyon in Layton is easily the most popular hike in the city, possibly the county.

Deuel Creek Hike - WINTER EDITION

This hike features 11 bridges! 3 waterfalls, watering hole, and a giant rope swing!