ZipLine Utah - Heber City

I love facing my fears but this was probably the scariest thing ive ever done. I thought we were doing the zip tour and then the ropes course, but they drove us up the mountain to the Screaming Falcon. THE LONGEST ZIP LINE OVER WATER IN THE WORLD!

Ok, pretty cool that this is located in Utah! But I was not prepared. I screamed the entire way. 

Luckily they have a perfect track record and have yet to have someone fall off, but still. that high up, and over that huge lake, its not for the faint of hear.

After our EPIC zipline, we joined the rest of the fam to do the ropes course. It was challenging and pushed us all to face fears. I love watching my kids do hard things and succeed. It shows them how strong they are and that they can do hard things.







Helpful Tips

Make reservations on line

open year round

must be 90-250 lbs to ride zipline

And age can do rope course but they need an adult if they aren't tall enough to reach. Wells is 5 and did great with assistance. The other kids (9,12,16) did great.

They have 7 different adventures to choose from

be sure to mention that you found them from out page!

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