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Remember how we gave away a winter retreat to Zion Ponderosa for our Birthday a few weeks ago? Well, The Salt Project just got back, and we’re excited to share our little Staycation Partnership with Zion Ponderosa Resort with you! We’ll be reporting on Zion National Park, St. George’s latest park, Hikes, some new summer (because we were in St. George) bucketlist items and of course rocks. (If you know me at all, you know I love rocks.)

You may also recall our Instagram post about this sweet Purple Subaru that we drove around too. Did you see us? We drove from Weber County all the way through Zion National Park and St. George. Sometimes we would forget we were driving around a psychedelic car around, and then find people staring quite blatantly.

Only then did we remember…Thanks Young Subaru! Ha.

First up, we’re happy to report that Zion Ponderosa is pretty dreamy in the winter. While there wasn’t much we could actually do at the Resort, since it was snowing/raining the whole time, it was wonderful just to sit as a family and enjoy some time together. We’ve been remodeling our house and I’m super pregnant, so I’ve not been as active as I should. We've also been living in super cramped, messy, quarters. Sitting is also my new game, a lot of sitting.

When we first drove into the Resort, it was dark and there is a five mile stretch from the highway to the resort. We saw lots of deer, LOTS. By the time we rolled into the resort, we were driving at a crawl just to keep safe and to watch all the deer. We picked up our key and found our sweet little cabin warm and ready for some sleepy drivers.

The next morning we awoke to a small snow covering on everything. I do really love the desert in the snow. It’s so different from the mountainous scene up north. One thing about the desert trees is that they are always green, so snow with the the greenery is just a unique landscape. (Well, not the trees above, more the junipers and pinon pines) It will always be a favorite.

There was also a sweet little breakfast basket out on the deck. In the winter the Resort provides breakfast, but since the lodge isn’t open, they bring breakfast to you. My kids thought it was amazing that food just showed up on the doorstep.

After eating the kids really explored our tiny cabin. They loved the fact that they got to sleep on the top queen bunk, while mom and dad slept below.

Our tiny cabin had 1 bathroom, a wet bar, 2 queen beds and one couch pullout bed. If the weather was nicer we would have sat on the deck and enjoyed the winter quiet. We were plenty warm with all the floor heaters running. Our kids started calling it our "little house" and they still ask if we are going back to it.

Who knew that bunk beds were the best thing ever?

I was a little worried about my tiny kids being up there, but they crawled up and down like champs.

After breakfast we decided to explore the resort. I’d researched the resort pretty extensively, and there is a whole slew of things to do there! (See more details here.) While we were a little bummed that none of the activities were open due to the weather, it was okay, because it was pretty wet and snowy.

We drove around to check out the different housing areas. They have GLAMPING, Conestoga Wagons, Vacation Home Rentals, Tent/Camping Areas and the cute cabins we stayed at. We also found the horse ranch, ATV trails, the swimming pool and rock climbing wall.

One can tell the resort is made for playing hard…we’ll just have to wait for warmer weather!

After checking out the resort, we decided to head to Zion National Park. Julie (the manager) had given us a few short hikes, one that we hadn’t done before, so I’ll be writing up about this hike next. In the meantime, check out these drizzly photos of Zion National Park. The Resort is on the East Entrance on the park, so we spent our time driving slowly through. My husband and I were trying to think if we've ever been to Zion during the winter, let alone when it was raining.

If you haven't had a chance to drive through the East Entrance, you really need too. My husbands favorite part is the tunnels that were blasted through the mountains.

Be watching on Monday, we'll be posting about a new hike we haven't done before in Zion National Park and it is toddler friendly.


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