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We drive I-15 many times throughout the year. Since our inlaws are from Cedar City, other than flying, there aren't many other ways to get there. Usually we leave right after work and take the 4 hour drive mainly in the dark. This time, I was riding with my father in law and we had left around 10am. We decided it was time to make some stops on I-15 neither of us had ever been to.

Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona was something completely unexpected. I was expecting maybe a lavender tour of the fields, but this place blew us right away!

It's like it's own little-theme-park-world.

Here's my top 10 reasons why you need to stop here.

1. The Gardens

Oh my! Stone pathways, streams, flowers (even late October) and places to explore. Really, nothing is better than a little Secret Garden.

2. The Old West

Why do I love these little staged communities? Perhaps because they are miniature? One can only wonder. If it make everyone happy, than it's a win-win. Plus, I got to hide in a coffin.

3. The Barns

There are soooo many barns on the property. Maybe it's because I'm somewhat a city girl, but barns are such a foreign thing to me.

They have a certain beauty.

4. The Champion Horses

Man...these guys were big. I've always thought of horses as majestic, but I'd never seen horses this big that weren't Clydesdales. Each one popped out their head to say hi.

For some reason, I felt the need to make sure each one got a pat from me.

There was one particular horse that was just cuddly. Little did I know he just wanted to eat my sweater. Normally, I would be super grossed out with green slobber, but he was quite loving.

5. The Swings

My kids love the swings. Love any swing. I love to swing too. So it's a good thing these swings are big enough for everyone to hang out in.

I loved this swing.

The root beer swing was just hilarious to me for some reason.

6. The Bog Village

When we walked into this little town, all I could think was "Perhaps this is where the Salem witches lived." It was kind of creepy, cute but creepy. It could have been the fact that we were the only ones to be seen or heard, or maybe all the dead flies on the floors too. Then my father in law informs me that it's a Bog Town. They are still used in Europe.

7. The Lavender Labyrinth

I was kind of waiting for the Lavender part. They must have recently trimmed the bushes, because the smell was soooo good! I thought my kids would just fall asleep standing or something. But they loved the maze and going around and around.

8. The Jousting Arena

As we walked through the empty arena the song "We will rock you" from A Knight's Tale came into my mind. Oh, and Heath Ledger looking all valiant. It's a pretty cool place. I'm going to have to check back to see when the next Jousting Tournament is!

9. The Ponds

Free paddle boat rides?! Normally, we would have said yes, but we'd been in the park for over an hour and my babies were nearing melt down status.

Instead, we made a mental note to come back.

Really, if you have some extra time on I-15, stop by!

Plus...on our way out, we decided to drive through Mona and found the cutest bakery.

GayDean's Sweet Art

Good Prices, excellent food all around and delicious goodies.

I think they are the only place in town to eat at too.

It was totally worth detouring for a few hours. You should try it sometime.

Don't forget to hashtag #thesaltproject!

Monday through Saturday 10-6
Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

The grounds are also available Events. See the website for more information.

Some other things to see.

  • The Animals
    • We didn't walk down to the fence, but we could see Elk, Sheep, and more horses down at the end of the road. I'm sure the kids would have loved it.
  • The Smells
    • It had been lightly sprinkling rain off and on, so maybe that's why all the smells were amplified, but it was all so fresh and delicious! Plus, don't forget to stop into the Store and smell some of the essential oils.

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