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Bucketlist item 2020!


I'm a huge bucketlist advocate, I feel like if it doesn't go on my list then it doesn't happen. I also feel like if I something to my list, no matter how random it is, the opportunity often presents itself. Hiking the Y has been on my mental list since I was a kid. But this year it actually made it onto paper. When we visited Utah County for a staycation this summer, it was on my list, but we just couldn't squeeze it in with all the fun stuff there is to do in Provo.

A couple weeks ago, we found ourselves in Provo to cheer on a friend who was running a half marathon. We had a couple hours to spare before our next activity so we decided on a whim to go hike the Y!

I'm so glad we did. It was so fun! We were not prepared at all, but had a blast. We had enough water and the day was so mild that a mid day hike up the side of a shadeless mountain was actually enjoyable.

This hike took us 45 minutes up and 35 minutes down with about 10 minutes hanging out at the top. It's straight up, with little to no shade, but if you can make it to the first switchback, you can do it!

There are several parking lots, I recommend driving to the top and then going down from there if it is full.

I loved that this hike had a map. That first switchback is the longest, after that it's cake.

All smiles at the first switchback!


I loved these little bit of info on all the signs.


Bucketlist 2020 baby! Feels so good to check off another item.

My favorite 15 year old. I've said it before and I'll say it 100x again. I love teenagers! They are the best.

The views of Utah County are awesome from the Y.

After our bucketlist photoshoot we saw this sign on the ground stating to stay off the white area. Oops! Sorry Utah County. I'll do my part in helping spread the word. Y'all, don't knock over signs, that are going to get us out-of-towners in trouble. 

This is an awesome hike with an incredible view! 

Helpful Tips

45 minutes up, 35 minutes down (walking slow because it's 2020 and I'm out of shape)

Kid friendly, jogging stroller accessible

2.4 miles RT

Elevation gain of 1100 feet

Dogs allowed

Bathrooms available at trailhead

Take water and sunscreen

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