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Ok, I'm going to be totally honest, we aren't sportsy people. There, I said it. I mean, we like to have fun, we own bikes, but my kids just got long boards this year during quarantine. Our skill level is beginner in every sense of the word. So coming to a place like this felt a little overwhelming to me. Also the fact that I have 87 kids (actually 5, feels like 87).  And that my kids ages range 2-15. It's a lot to consider when we are doing family activities.

Having said all of that, I didn't really know what we were in for or how this experience would go but we were ready to try it all and have fun. And that just what we did.

Woodward has group lessons available and set us up with the coolest instructor Zeke. He was so good with all the kids. And he was especially helpful to Locke (age 15) who decided to try skateboarding for the first time. He gave him so many tips and helped him the entire time. All while helping the littles, encouraging everyone and giving pointers along the way. With Zeke, we were able to try every activity during our session (except for the huge jump, we all took a hard pass on that one lol). We had an amazing time!

We started off with a little parkour and jumping inside.

And jumped off really high places. Scary, but we did it.

They have THE BOUNCIEST trampolines! They were so fun to play on. People also use them to train on. They can strap special skis or boards to the feet and practice tricks. 


This ramp was awesome (the only thing I didn't try), but my kids loved it.

The cutest little mini BMX rider ever to enter Woodward, I'm pretty sure.

There are 2 outdoor areas and an outdoor pump track (our fave). The first area is right out front of the building, then the second is across the bridge, and the pump track is just beyond that.

The kids had so much fun testing out their bikes on the course.

Back inside we tried our hand at the indoor track. It was our first time doing anything like this and everyone had a blast! From ages 2-39, we all loved it. (there are specific times available for littles, but we were in a group lesson, so we were able to stay together and explore each area).

Well (age 2) just learned how to ride his bike 1 week ago! Great timing buddy! He was fearless on both the indoor and outdoor tracks. I just watched him like a hawk and stayed with him so he didn't get hit.

He did so good on the outdoor pump track too! We just held on to his shirt as a safety measure. He did fall once, but that was on flat ground on our way to the track. We all fell at least once, even me. There was blood, sweat, and tears during our time here, but no one complained and everyone got back up and tried again and again.

The outdoor pump track was by far everyones favorite part. They went over and over.

Back inside, we tried the indoor pump track. This one took a little more skill and this is where I totally ate it and fell hard. I just wish someone was recording me. It was pretty epic.

Berd fell on the outdoor track, she was super brave and luckily Woodward has some Incredible ice cream so she felt better in no time.

After our lesson, we went upstairs to the restaurant. You guys, the Ahi tacos were AMAZING! If wheels aren't your thing, just stop by for some lunch. You can thank me later.

We shut the place down! After your session, you can keep playing on the outside track and my kids kept going until they closed. Then they asked when we were coming back. They also said it was better than Disneyland! WHAT! 

Woodward is definitely Salt Project Approved for all ages! We loved our time here and cant wait to come back.

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SPECIAL DISCOUNT 15% off a 90-minute indoor Hub Session (valid October 1 - October 31)

Code: Project Woodward (not case sensitive) 


Before you go, sign up for a session time on-line and fill out your waiver.

You can bring your own wheels (roller blades, scooter, bike, board) or you can rent

Signing up for a group lesson is totally worth it!


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