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This past weekend Gardner Village hosted us for the opening of their 6 Hags Witches Adventure and to look at all the witches on display.

I love that they decorate halfway through September because that means we can go do fun Halloween activities before the busier and often colder days of October hit.

We looked online and found out that they have a fun little scavenger hunt that lists all the witches that you can find and check off. Then they let you turn in your scavenger hunt for a discounted cookie from one of the bakeries at the end. We found our scavenger hunts in the lobby of CF Home or you can get them at Archibald’s Restaurant, or even just print one out ahead of time here.

After checking out a few of the fun witches we went across the parking lot to visit the attractions. They have pony rides, a petting zoo and our personal favorite was the 6 Hags Witches Adventure. 6 Hags was only $6 per person (ages 2 and up) and you got to visit a real live witch's house; she invites you inside and shows you around her lair and gives you a tour of her backyard.

My kids loved this part, although the 2-year-old was clinging to my leg the entire time—he was both frightened and fascinated by her animated personality.

After the guided tour they get to go play in the activity area, which had a ton of little autumn themed stations for the kids to explore.

They crawled through tunnels, ran along a rope web, maneuvered through a broom obstacle course, played on a couple slides, buried themselves in a corn pit, swung on a rope, navigated their way through a straw maze, bounced across an air mat, and climbed on tire monsters.

There really was a ton of stuff to do and it kept everyone from the 2-year-old to the almost 9-year-old entertained.

They also had some picnic tables set up under some covered canopies that we were able to stop and have a snack at. (There were some goodies for sale, but we had just brought our own stuff from home, so either way works.)

The kids eventually got tired out and agreed to go finish finding the rest of the witches on our list. While searching for the last couple of witches we stumbled upon a sweet lady doing face painting and immediately all four kids lined up to get their faces decorated. The face painting was free, just a donation box sitting out so the kids could tip her for her time (suggested donation is $5). My younger boys wanted spiders, but the older two were brave enough to let her surprise them and they both loved what she came up with.

We skipped the cookie reward as my kids have food allergies and instead made a quick stop at the Chocolate Covered Wagon for a treat. I told them they could each pick one item before being presented with a 5-pound gummy bear and realizing I needed to clarify that they could each pick one small item.

The kids couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had and now we are all officially in the Halloween spirit! 

Check their website below for event times and dates.
Entrance Fee(s)
Entrance Fee for Six Hags Witches Adventure at Gardner Village: $6 (age 1 and up)
Scavenger Hunt and Witch Displays are FREE
(801) 566-8903

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