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One of the ways we have figured out to beat the winter blues in our house is swim lessons. It has helped us have something to look forward to while the snow keeps falling. Growing up and living in Florida most my life, swimming and water sports were an every day thing. When we moved here I wanted to make sure my girls still developed a love for the water and the skills to stay safe near it.  

We moved to Utah when my older daughter was 2. She loved the water. In Florida we would spend hours a day at the pool or beach. Fast forward two years, she completely regressed and was terrified. No matter how much time we would spend with her, she just wasn’t having us teach her. We tried uncles and aunts, that didn’t work either. She was perfectly fine with her puddle jumpers (which are amazing) and staying on the stairs. On the other hand, my three year old has no fear with anything and prefers to jump in like a mermaid as much as possible. We spend a good majority of our year around the ocean or pools, so I knew that swimming lessons were so needed for my girls. 

I went back and forth between having a private instructor for my girls or have them take group lessons. Ultimately, I just asked them what they wanted to do. They chose group lessons, of course who wouldn’t want to be with other friends? Despite their age difference by skills, they ended up in the same level, Starfish. Well, after one lesson my daughter who was terrified of the water when we walked in those doors had changed in 30 minutes and was crying because she didn't want to leave. She was hooked, and so was I. 

We decided to go with the Murray Recreation Center, mainly because it was close to our house and we had some friends also going there. It costs $35 for 8 lessons. I have found most swim lessons across Utah end up around this range. See below for a list of all the indoor pools around Utah that provide winter swim lessons. 

Both of my girls have picked up the skills fairly quickly and are ready to move to the next level after one session. The instructors are patient, encouraging and fun. They now practice their "monkey, airplane, solider" strokes laying on the floor and do their own version of "chop, chop, timber" while jumping on their beds. 

Here is a list of where you can find winter swim lessons across the state of Utah:

Thanks for the great list Mandi!

A little bit about Mandi : Hi, I’m Mandi. I’m a Floridian married to a Louisianan living in Utah with our two little girls. My husband and I grew up loving spending summers in Utah, so naturally we both ended up here. I love Utah for it’s majestic mountains, active lifestyle, national parks, and food. You can find more of our family adventures on my instagram @mandimedford.

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Amanda Williams Wed, 03/22/2017 - 08:51

The Salt Lake County > Swim Kids link goes to the same site as the Murray Park Center link. Are they supposed to be different places?

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