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  1. Honeyville | Crystal Hotsprings
    We used to live in Minnesota and I loved hot tubbing in the winter. Surrounded by ice cold air, yet warm and relaxed sitting in the water... this place was like a natural version of my youth!
  2. Salt Lake City | The Escape Key
    So we saw a sitcom recently that featured the characters visiting one of these escape rooms and thought it looked so fun! Then one night after the kids were in bed we found an escape room app that we played together. I think it looks so fun to try in real life and was STOKED to discover that Utah has an escape room with three different scenarios that people can try out! We have booked a date night there later this month and I can't wait! (We contacted these guys and are working on putting together a giveaway so a few of you can join us, be sure to check back soon.)
  3. Sledding at Tibble Fork
    Sledding in general is on the annual winter bucket list. With the oddly warm winter in Utah last year we never made it out and my kids were sorely disappointed. Tibble Fork in particular should go on your overall bucket list though because it is serenely beautiful and beyond the perfect sledding hill.
  4. Kangaroo Zoo
    It can be hard to keep active little ones entertained during the winter, some days you just don't want to hassle with boots, gloves, snow pants, coats, hats and all the efforts it takes to get kids outside. My kids have loved visiting Kangaroo Zoo whether we go on our own or meet up with friends, they always leave exhausted and laughing. Bonus: I get to have adult conversation with the neighbor girls while the happily play on their own in a contained area, great place for a play date get together!
  5. Lehi | The Loveland Living Aquarium
    We got an annual membership here we love it so much we went once a month at least all of last year. We'd catch a 3D movie, find an exhibit that caught our eye that day (once the sea otters were eating, once the penguins were super active, it varied each visit), learn something new, eat lunch, and run off some energy in their Tuki Island Play center.
  6. Park City | Tubing at Gorgoza
    The only thing better than tubing as a family in the winter is tubing at a place that will carry your children and their giant tubes back up the hill for you and provide a warming yurt for when their little fingers start to get cold!
  7. Midway | Ice Castles
    Anyone living in or visiting Utah during the winter needs to go here at least once. They change up the design every year so you can make it a tradition as well, but really it is like a magical winter wonderland that doesn't just look amazing, but has fun tunnels and slides that kids can climb around on and explore. Truly awesome looking and something we're lucky to have in our state.
  8. Deer Valley Resort | FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Event (Free)
    Somehow I didn't know about this until this year, but obviously they don't just have all those amazing Olympic venues up in Park City just sit empty, never to be used again. Rather they host world and national events complete with nightly fireworks and a chance to watch world class athletes perform live. All events were even free to the public, such a cool event to add to your bucket list for next year.
  9. Ogden | iFly
    I feel like the end of winter when the magic of the fresh snow has worn off and the ground, as well as the air, is dirty and gloomy, is the best time to check off the amazing indoor activities Utah has to offer. Thus, after years of hearing about it and driving past their building a few times we finally went to check iFly off our bucket list. To say it was something our kids will always remember would be an understatement. I am far too conservative with my kids to ever let my 4 year old really go skydiving, but giving him that same feeling in a more controlled environment and hearing him talk about conquering his fears and loving the exhilarating feeling is pretty cool!
  10. Provo | Provo Temple Open House
    I love taking my kids to a variety of places and teaching them to appreciate culture and beauty as much as adrenaline and excitement. Checking out this wonderfully restored temple and getting to talk about reverence and beliefs was a great chance to share our hearts with our children.
  11. Meadow | Meadow Hot Springs
    Really even as an adult with full knowledge of how geology works I still find it amazing that nature can provide a hot tub right in the middle of freezing temperatures. There is just something about natural hot springs that is so fun to experience, and the contrasting cold winter months is the best time to do it!
  12. Snow Shoeing
    If you really want to feel like a true adventurer, so try out snowshoeing. There is something so raw and native about exploring a snow covered wilderness that you'll feel connected and separated from the stresses of life in a way that you wouldn't have imagined. It is serene and peaceful, yet still physically demanding enough that you'll get in a good workout. 
  13. Salt Lake City | Winter Hiking
    We always think that we can't get out and explore as much during the winter months, but really snow hikes can offer a whole new world to discover. My favorite is exploring a favorite familiar trail and seeing it in a whole new way, you'll feel like you're doing the hike for the first time. Plus, check out our tips... ingenious recommendation, bring a cheap plastic sled that is easy to carry up the mountain and then sled your way back down.
  14. St. George | Crawl through The Crack
    Sometimes the best thing to do during the winter is just to escape the winter! We love quick weekend trips to St. George where you can leave the snow behind, throw on a hoodie and pretend its springtime! The Crack is one of our ultimate bucket list items as it is so unique and memorable!
  15. Bryce Canyon Queens Garden
    I feel like I take for granted all the amazing natural landscapes that we have right in our own backyard! I can't tell you how many times I've tried to think of a fun, unique place in neighboring states that we could visit on a short road trip, only to realize that we have numerous national parks right here, and I haven't even begun to fully explore them all. Take the time and add a few of our favorite hikes to your bucket list you don't need to travel far!
  16. Moab | Delicate Arch Hike
    So famous it is all over our license plates even! People travel from around the world to see our arches, how many of us haven't even seen them ourselves? Delicate Arch really is one of the best ones and if you go in the winter months you can avoid the crowds and the blazing heat. The last time I went I was just on my own in college, I'm hoping to take my kids sometime soon!

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