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While in Logan we were able to stop at the Willow Park Zoo.  It's one of two zoos in all of Utah.  While most of their animals weren't outside because it was too cold for them, it was absolutely worth it.

Swan in River

The leaves were just changing and the air was crisp and the animals were adorable.

We watched the foxes leap.

Were chased by turkeys.

Met the falcon "Sugar."  Her owner, Rob, let us pet her!  (Because she wasn't owned by the zoo, it was okay to pet her.)  


You should really go and meet Rob-the-raptor-man sometime, he's super passionate and you can tell he loves his raptors.  In the Spring and Summer he has a bird show at Willow Park Zoo.

Little Riz asked Rob, "If. (Gulf of air.) Sugar. (Gulf of air.) Could. (Gulf of air.) Eat a giraffe?!"

Zoo Keeper holding a Great Horned Owl

We also got to meet "Shadowfax."  Her eyes were so intense.  We learned that these Great Horned Owls are the only type of owls who actually "hoot."  Shadowfax let us hear her lovely hoot. 

Emu in Zoo

The emus raced along the fences with the kids. Apparently, they love to race with the guests.

They were out feeding Nigel the Pelican.  He may not look it, but he was quite hilarious, from his strut to his squak.


Reindeer in Zoo

Make sure to take some quarters to feed their reindeer.  The kids were a little hesitant at first, but the reindeer would just nuzzle the food out of your hand. 

Watch out for the turkeys though...they were kind of sneaky. 

Seems even two-year-olds need some time in the Moby Wrap sometimes.  Especially, after being chased by turkeys. 

While Willow Park Zoo is small in size compared to the Hogle Zoo, it was so much more charming and personable.  It felt much more open. The kids loved roaming all over the rocks and grass.

We loved every minute.  Thanks for having us Willow Park Zoo!

The Zoo is looking for vendors to donate items to their new gift shop, that's opening in November!  They will be having a Grand Opening for the Gift Shop in May 2015, so mark your calendar!  Make sure to check their Facebook Page here, so you can check their hours, as they have different hours during the winter.   Take cash, they don't take cards.

Our kids rated this as "One of the best days ever."

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