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First thing I noticed was the giant dog park and pond. The pond was just for the dogs. I feel like dog parks are few and far between in Weber/Davis County. I’ve never seen one that nice or really that many dog ponds in general.

The kids park is my main focus, since I didn't bring my dog on this trip.

Who doesn't love parks that have awesome themes! My kids are all about the "farms!" I don't think they know "farms" and "barns" mean two different things.

There were also big wooden boweries with picnic tables, bathrooms, basketball hoops (that were adjustable) two giant playgrounds, more bathrooms, tennis courts and fields all around.

I was also surprised at the amount of people there. People were picnicking, playing golf Frisbee and just relaxing. I love how Park City is a very active city.

You can’t drive anywhere without seeing people cycling, rolling on some kind of wheel or just walking all the paths. I feel like Park City and I belong together.

We didn’t stay too long at the park, but we also didn’t have any melt-downs. The babies were just tired and too hot at this point. So I snapped a few photos and we headed out.

The whole way back to our condo I kept talking very loudly so the babies wouldn’t fall asleep! Ha, I barely succeeded.

We got everyone changed and put to bed…This my friends is a rare treat. Everyone went down with hardly any fuss. I’m not even sure what happened…truly the children nap gods were smiling down on me. I’ll just bet it’s the whole Park City charm.

Helpful Tips
  • Super Nice Bathrooms
  • Dog Pond (Only for dogs.)
  • Dog Park
  • Four fenced pickleball courts
  • Lots of shade
  • Picnic Tables
  • Bowery
  • Four fenced Tennis Courts
  • Lots of green grass fields
  • Filtered Water Water Fountains
  • Lots of paths
  • Safe for kids to bring their own little bikes
  • Basketball hoops are adjustable
  • Ice Skating Rink in Winter

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