Willis Creek Slot Canyon | 12 Utah Staycations

Willis Creek Slot Canyon is located in Kane County in Kanab! It's a super sweet slod canyon that's more of a walk-as-far-as-you-want hike. We’d been told by the Activity Spot in Ruby’s Inn that Willis Creek Slot Canyon was THE coolest family-friendly hike. So, of COURSE, we had to go. 

Willis Creek Slot Canyon is about 20 miles away from Ruby’s Inn. Half of the trip is on a paved road, while the rest is all dirt road. The gal at the Activities Desk said she’s just been the Sunday before and didn’t need 4WD at all.

The dirt road does have some steep hills and crosses some washes, but it was nothing Stephanie’s van couldn’t handle. By the time we got to the trailhead, there was quite a crowd. I’d say there were
probably 20+ vehicles parked at the trailhead. There’s no bathroom, but there is signage so you know just where to start. This hike was phenomenal. 

Maybe it’s the slot canyons, maybe it’s the creek running through it, maybe it’s just because it’s awesome.

Either way, this hike was fun for everyone. There’s some shade in the slot canyons and then sometimes you are in full sun. 

We’ve heard there are three main slot canyons that you can go through and then keep going to find more.

But we probably went through the first two slot canyons. It’s hard to say how long this hike is because the kids were constantly stopping, playing in the water, climbing the rock walls, or building dams.

 Our kids spent 75% of the time without shoes on. In fact, at one point Stephanie just ditched the kids shoes (hidden of course) and the kids continued hiking barefoot. Some of the kids were in sandals and some of us kept our shoes on the whole time.

You don’t really have to get your feet wet if you don’t want to. 

It was super amazing going through the slots canyons and seeing how the water has carved through the rocks. We brought sandwiches again and picnicked in the shade. 

I think it was the second slot canyon that had a waterfall, but there really isn’t a destination, it’s more about the whole experience.

It’s too hard to pinpoint what was the best part because ALL of it is amazing! 

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Helpful Tips
  • No real destination but we loved hiked to the second slot canyon that had a waterfall.
  • No bathrooms except nature.
  • No water, except the creek running.
  • We wore Teva like sandals, but then some of us were in hiking shoes and tennis shoes, so I feel like any shoe would work.
  • Bring Sunscreen
  • Bring lots of water
  • Pack in a lunch
  • We saw lots of dogs on the trail, just clean up after them.
  • While we didn’t have problems with the road…Steph’s van did run over a larger rock and maybe hit a tree, so just be careful.
  • Keep it beautiful, pack it in, pack it out!

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