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This hike. It’s what fall family hiking dreams are made of. And the best news, it’s super easy to do with little kids! Wild Rose Viewpoint Trail begins at the beautiful Wild Rose Trailhead Park in North Salt Lake. It’s the cutest little park, and I promise to share more about it in another post. The Wild Rose Viewpoint Trailhead is found just through the Wild Rose Trailhead Park. Here’s a picture with an arrow to show you exactly which trail to get on.

This blue Attention sign and wood fence will be on your left. If you see them, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Now, this area is known mostly for the mountain biking trails. There are quite a few forks in the trail and it can get confusing to figure out which path to take. But it’s really pretty simple. Follow the signs for “Viewpoint”, stay off the forks that are labeled “downhill bike traffic only”, and stay on the main path.

We were first timers and didn’t take one wrong turn so I’m confident you can do it too!

The trail was nicely packed and easy to climb. My 3 year old hiked it without complaint.

Although there are a few spots of shade, the trail is mostly unshaded.

It would be pretty brutal in the summer but it makes for the perfect Fall hike when the air is a little more crisp.

And the colors! This hike allows you to get right up into the autumn colors. I have a feeling we went a bit early. By the time you see this post, I bet it’s just breath taking up there!

The trail is .9 miles up. Once you get to the top you just turn around a take the same .9 mile path back. The elevation rise is only 425 ft. It’s sweet and simple but you won’t believe the view at the top! I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t gone.

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Helpful Tips


  • Take some bug spray. We didn’t. I have one mosquito bite and my kids have none, but I still wished I wouldn’t have taken some.
  • Bathrooms (with soap!) and drinking fountains are at the Wild Rose Trailhead Park
  • Plenty of parking in a nice paved lot.
  • Plan to spend some time at the park before or after your hike. My kids wouldn’t leave without playing on the fun park too.


  • Wild Rose Viewpoint Trail starts at Wild Rose Trail head Park, 650 East Skycrest Lane, North Salt Lake, UT 84054. The park is right at the end of a nice neighborhood. You’ll feel like you’re in the wrong spot right up until you get there. Don’t worry, just follow your GPS, its leading you to the right place!

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