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Ok, we heard there was a place in town where you can make candles, I thought that sounded fun and knew the kids would enjoy it so we gave The Wick Lab a try. It was so cute inside! Every little detail was perfect. They are owned by the sweetest little family and you can tell how much love they have poured into this little shop.

They have 100 scents to smell and choose from. Then you pick your favorites and smell them together to make sure thats what you want. They walk you through the entire process from placing the wick to mixing everything together and creating a label for your candle. 

This is the perfect activity for date night, or a family outing. We recommend ages 5 and up. 

Berdee was SO excited! 

Their photo op wall is darling. Really, every detail of the shop is so charming.

Finished product! We had a great time making candles and the best part is that we get to take them home and enjoy them all year long.

Helpful Tips

Be sure to make a reservation before you go.

Candles need to set, so plan on picking up your candle the next day.

Shipping options available.

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