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We're starting a new thang! It's called Friday Favorites. Why? Because it's the little and random things that keep us going right? So we're here to tell you about VidAngel.

There is a lot that we could learn from Aubry's "Let Them Be Little" poster. (Go and download yours for free too.)

It's true, I did in fact, totally think "Suck" was a swear word, for a while anyway. My mama was pretty strict when it came to our words and what kind of shows we could or couldn't watch. I remember Mama not letting us watch the Simpsons (even though we would sneak it in.) because she didn't want us to pick up on Bart's mannerisms.

Now that I'm a parent, I finally get why. When my little Aiko (3yrs) runs up and starts fake sobbing on my lap in a very dramatic way, I knew that Cinderella was leaving quite an impression on her. Or when she starts karate chopping and trying to do flying kicks like "Mewwon." (Mulan.) I've also been pretty picky about what I let my 3 year old and 1.5 year old watch. But even those awesome Disney Movies are impressionable. I know it's only going to get harder as they get older.

My husband and I have been using VidAngel for a few weeks. (Leave it to some Utahns, to create a way to filter basically whatEVER you want out of a movie.) It's pretty awesome actually.

Since I have younger children, I don't really need this for them yet, but for us a parents I do. I like to filter what I watch because they give me nightmares, or make me fret about things I have no control over etc. It's not just for the kids. I honestly feel that kids see too much at far too young an age. Why not let them keep their innocence for a little longer?

While my husband was using his phone, choosing different filters, he asked me about filtering, "Woman in a short t-shirt."

It gets that specific.

From choosing specific words to specific scenes, you can filter each show for just $1. We never use Redbox anymore because it is inconvenient to have to run out when you can just stream it for less... Plus, I swear we'd always forget to return our red boxes and end up paying for two nights. With VidAngel you can set your account to automatically return it after watching or 24 hours so you don't pay extra. Oh, and it's totally legal. You can check it all out on their website.

What do you think? Would you use it? What about you with older children?

(Be aware, this is Harmony's Opinion. You may not agree, but maybe you will.)

Helpful Tips

(Note* It's not perfect yet. In fact, we watched a show that was rated R that we filtered all sorts of things out, so it was probably more on a PG level. But when it came to the music, it dropped some F-Bombs like I couldn't believe. If my Mama heard THAT?! Anyways, but you can help perfect it too. They are always looking for feedback and people to watch the shows and help them filter.)

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