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Waterfall Canyon Trail has been on my list FOREVER! It's pretty popular but I heard it was hard so I've been putting it off. Plus, July has been so hot (as July usually is) so we decided to try this hike in the evening. We had the most amazing views the entire way up with the giant red sun shining through the smokey haze. And the equally beautiful views coming down the mountain out of the canyon in the dark. 

I really didn't feel like this was a "hard" hike. I would say moderate. It's a steady incline the entire way up. The first half mile is a wide clean trail (shoreline trail). Once you hit the canyon it gets a little steeper with lots of rocks. Still, I feel like my 4 year old would have been just fine climbing up. The last quarter mile has more loose gravel and lots of dirt on the rocks so it was a little slippery coming down, but going up was fine. And we came down in the dark with no problems at all.

Follow the Shoreline Trail.

The trail is marked in the beginning, just follow the shoreline trail. But there are a few break offs as you go up. Just stay on the mail trail, don't turn off. You'll head southeast until you reach the woods, then go straight east into the canyon.

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There were 3 bridges but just a trickle of water. The nice part is that we were able to get right up to the waterfall (trickle) and climb the rocks around it. But I would definitely recommend this hike for the spring so you can see the waterfall in all its glory.

The canyon is beautiful and the hike was nice but I love having a nice reward in the end. But we were still able to sit and listen to the trickling water and watch the sunset.

This is what has to say "This short but strenuous hike includes a rugged scramble over steep, rocky terrain, yet it has long been one of Ogden’s most popular hikes thanks to the spectacular 200-foot waterfall at the upper end of the canyon. Please respect the private property on both sides of the trail and don’t be tempted to climb the cliffs around the waterfall. It’s illegal and several hikers have fallen to their deaths from the treacherous rocks."

after this bridge there is one more, it is a big black tunnel for water to flow through, so you just walk over it. Then the waterfall is about 10 minutes further.

Like I said, the waterfall was more of a trickle by the end of July but it's still an incredible sight to see those 200 foot cliffs and the beautiful view of the valley.

Those views! Such a perfect evening hike!

This is a photo of the waterfall in the spring.

Entrance Fee(s)
Helpful Tips

dogs allowed (on leash)

bathrooms at trail head

parkinglot fills up fast on weekends

This hike is 2.9 miles up and back with 1,259 feet elevation gain

First half is full sun, Second half is full shade


41.210753, -111.93193

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