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Restaurant Week starts today, April 7 and runs through April 17. Many Local Restaurants showcase their favorites. Can't beat their pricing either! Lunch includes a 2-course meal for $10, and Dinner provides a 3-course meal for $17.

Warrens was our fist stop on a long list of restaurants that are participating in Ogdens Restaurant Week. 

Warrens in Riverdale has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. The best Lime Rickies (grape and lime soda mixed together) in town. And burgers and fries to die for. This Warrens on 25th is new, about a year old and I was excited to go check it out.

This new place is just like the Riverdale location but instead of the fast food/drive thru vibe, it's a nice sit down restaurant in one of the darling historical buildings on 25th street. Think exposed brick walls and bay windows up front.

And they had lime rickies! The perfect refreshment, as we had finished our hike to Pond Trail.

We started with my personal favorite, Blue Moon 'Shrooms. Even my mushroom hating kids thought they were amazing and tried to eat them all. Try them! You wont regret it.

This kids ordered sliders and chicken tenders with fruit.

Dan and I split a Cheesy Pig Burger and Asian Crunch Salad. The Cheesy Pig has, and I quote "killer burger sauce." So basically, It was amazing. The sauce lives up to its name. Plus bacon... so, how could we not get it.

They were so kind to split them up for us so we weren't reaching over the table like crazy people.

We decided to splurge and get dessert since we just went hiking. Plus, when I read Fuzzy Peaches... It was kind of love at first sight. I'm not going to lie, it was a hard choice between that and my favorite creme brulee, but I'm a sucker for trying new things and the Fuzzy Peaches won.

Peaches, lightly battered and fried. Topped with cinnamon caramel sauce, just the right amount of cinnamon. And then add that to vanilla ice cream drizzled in raspberry delight. Ya, it was gone in about 34 seconds. If you are just looking for some fancy dessert, you have to try the Fuzzy Peaches. You can thank me later.

A few more tidbits, The place was clean and flooded with beautiful natural light. They also had awesome Edison light bulbs hanging all over the ceiling. The food was great. Everything we ordered was mouth watering good. Burgers cooked to perfection (we are medium well fans, a little pink is good for the soul) the shrooms, the drinks, and the peaches!!! I've always love Warrens and always will. But the thing that made the biggest impression was the service. Our server was THE SWEETEST in all the land. I kid you not! And I feel bad that I forgot her name... cute little blonde gal. I kinda wanted to hug her at the end. She was so good with the kids and just as nice as a southern bell.

Warrens does it right! Thanks for having us! Now gimme some more o' them peaches!!!

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Restaurant Week starts April 7 and runs through April 17. Lunch includes a 2-course meal for $10, and Dinner provides a 3-course meal for $17.

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