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Sometimes you just need to get out and stretch your legs, and wear out your kids. Hiking, especially with little kids doesn’t always have to involve mountains and steep hills-right? While the Buffalo Ranches Trail may not be a destination hike, it is easy and accessible for anyone! The trail is actually about a four mile loop through a West Farmington subdivision and Great Salt Lake Wetlands.

Although there are various starting points, I recommend starting off of Glover Lane. This point starts at a pond and takes you away from the neighborhood homes. Heading west on Glover Lane you will find a small parking lot at the end of the of the road, under a ginormous water storage tower that we call the soccer ball.

The trail will start through the gate, just across the road. Starting at a pond where many kinds of birds can often be found. It is very close to the Great Salt Lake Nature Center. The trail widens out around the first curve, into a nice gravel pathway. Great for walking, running,biking or pushing strollers. If you plan on bringing bikes or strollers, make sure to have self sealing tires-there are so many goatheads (thorns) on the trail!! This trail is also used for horseback riding.

The views are gorgeous right from the beginning. Past the pond you can see miles and miles of wetlands, with impressive mountain ranges in the distance. This trail definitely showcases a different kind of Utah beauty. I walk or run this trail weekly and am always stunned by the subtle beauty in the muted colors and open marsh spaces.

This is the kind of walk where you can wander only a few steps or a few miles and still experience some amazing nature! A little more than a mile beyond the pond at Glover lane is a second pond. Both of these ponds are often resting places for migrating birds. On a few occasions I have found the ponds packed with pelicans, resting before completing their journey. In the springtime loud frog calls can be heard until you come too close, then silence.

From the second pond the trail continues and begins to loop past the back yards of homes in the Ranches subdivision. The full loop is just about 4 miles, or you can turn back at the second pond for a nice 2 mile walk. There are plenty of benches along the way for resting and lots of amazing views.  

We love this little walk, it is easy enough for the smallest legs and accessible pretty much year round. It is definitely our go to for fresh air and great views. If you are in the area or passing by, give it a try!

Thanks Becca!

Becca Young lives in Davis county with her husband and three kids. She’s an adventure junkie (mostly family friendly). She loves exploring Utah and beyond with her crew. To read about more family friendly hikes check out her blog, or follow on IG youngadventureco

Helpful Tips


From I-15 take the Park Lane exit. If you are heading north you will have to merge onto highway 89 first. After exiting at Park lane head west. You will pass Farmington Station on your left and Cabelas on your right. At the first stop sign, 1525 W turn left. The next stop sign will be Glover Lane. Take a right and continue on the road past the pond, until it ends. You will see a sign for Buffalo Trail parking.

  • The trail can become muddy after heavy rain.
  • The goatheads or thorns are all over. Bike and stroller tires should be filled with slime or else they will quickly become flat tires! We found this out the hard way.

40.967475, -111.932749

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