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The other weekend we headed to craft lake city as a family! Normally we attend the event as a date night without the kids but this year Craft Lake city hosted a special Kid we couldn't resist taking hem too and checking it out. 
Our kids loved going to such a "grown up" feeling event. Once we got to Kid Row, their eyes lit up when they saw the bounce house and face painting! 

Along one side of the kids corner were these cute little booths run by kids. All ages of kids were selling anything from homemade buttons to fine art. It was so fun to see kids starting their entropenuner journeys at such a young age. Most of them were incredibly impressive not only with their products but the way they interacted with their customers. You could tell it was a really great learning experience for them. Next year, I hope they hold it in an area where the kids can get a little more exposure.

I don't think they realized how popular it would be...which meant that it was a little tight trying to get to the booths and only parents with kids could really visit the booths.

Also in the kids corner we're various arts and crafts activities. My kids are ALL ABOUT the arts and crafts so this was a fun one for them. First up was face painting...which is always a hit with kids...always. 

They also did this cute constellation craft where they poked brads into foam boards and then wrapped string around them to make the constellation. We'd never seen a craft like this and our kids were in heaven! 

The phases of the moon banner was also a hit with my kids. They glued two price of card stock together with a string in the middle to mark a banner. The copper metallic card stock was a really great touch! 

What I appreciated most about the crafts was how kind and patient the volunteers running the booths were. It was a very hot day and they had been there helping kids for hours...but even still they took the time to help each and every kid. They were patient and let the kids do as much as they possibly could on their own. It was much appreciated. 

After our time in the Kid Row, our kids decided to cool off by playing in the water fixture. It was the perfect way to cool off on a hot day

As a family with four young kids, we always appreciate when events make things easy to bring kids to. Craft Lake City went above and beyond this year and even partnered with IKEA to create a parents lounge! Every place should have a parents lounge don't you think? 

We didn't think we needed a break but decided to check it out anyways...and then we stayed for about 20 minutes! It was just too delightful to leave! 

They had all the necessicties a family could need. Water bottles at the entrance, full equipped changing tables, lounge chairs...with footrests, chalkboards and toys so your older kids could play while you attended to your baby...or let's be honest, just took a minute to relax and regroup. It's always nice to have a litttle sanctuary! 
As we were leaving my little girl walked right in front of a family trying to head out. I apologized and the other mom said, "don't apologize. This is the parents lounge...we're all in the same boat!" Aw, it felt so nice to be amongst other parents if only just for a minute!

Craft Lake City did such a great job hosting such a great event...and making it family friendly! My kids can't wait to go back next year! 

Friday, August 11, 2017: 5pm – 10pm Saturday, August 12, 2017: Noon – 10pm Sunday, August 13, 2017: Noon – 7pm

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