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The Layton Park River Walk is a beautiful paved path starting at the Davis County Library and weaving along the river over 3 bridges until it ends behind Surf n' Swim at the new Vietnam Memorial.

Layton Commons Park features:
47 Acres
450 Parking Spaces
4 Restrooms
2 Baseball Fields [Little League]
1 Picnic Pavilion
15 Picnic Shelters
2 Playgrounds
10 Swings
1 Vietnam Memorial Wall


This is where the path starts behind the Library. Most people start at the duck pond across the street, this is definitly a hidden gem and our favorite part of the trail.

The river widens into a small pond where duck and geese gather. 

We followed the path along the river. 

There are large areas of open grass throughout the park.

 This is the kids favorite bridge towards the end of the trail.

Wells was heartbroken that he couldn't use the digger at the park.

We also had no access to water or bathrooms. (we couldn't get water at a store either. No drinking fountains were open, and I forgot my mask at home). 

Back at the library, you can turn off after the bridge onto a dirt path that runs the along the river about 50 yards.

So many beautiful wild flowers.

Some facts about the Memorial from Layton City.

360ft in length (long enough to touch both goalposts on a football field)
80% scale of the monument in Washington DC
Stands 91/2 ft high at the apex
The Wall contains 58,317 names of service men and women who died during the Vietnam War

366 from Utah
6 from Layton City
8 women
20,000 under 20 years old
Youngest is 15 years old
Oldest is 63 years old

The walkway around the Wall has 8 benches, each one dedicated to one of the women on the Wall (
Names on the Wall are listed in chronological order by date of loss, beginning at the center moving out to the right (east), then from the far left (west) back to the center

There are so many beautiful places to explore at this park. Lots of shade, sun, and open space to play. 



Helpful Tips

Water, bathrooms, pavilions, and playground closed during quarantine.

All other areas are open

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