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How is it July ALREADY?! Sheesh! My kids just finished their first EVER Summer Camp. It was also our very first time to Utah Children's Theatre. We've seen many posts from Stephanie about UTC, but my kids have never been quite old enough to attend. So when Utah Children's Theatre reached out about partnering, I knew my kids would love to do summer camp!

Since we live in Ogden, we decided to do a two-day camp themed "Once upon a time." I would have really liked to sign the kids up for Jedi camp for next week, but it just didn't work with our schedule. Be sure to check out the other upcoming camps! There are morning and afternoon camps with all sorts of different themes. 

I was a little bit nervous about dropping my kids off. Since it was only a two-day class, summer camp was from 9-2, which seems like a long time to me. We were instructed to pack a lunch and the kids would eat supervised. Luckily, my kids are pretty good with new things. When you show up to drop off your kids you have to check them in on an Ipad. There is an app that Utah Children's Theatre had you download before to register your kids with a code to check them in and out. 

Little Orion did shed a few tears when I left, but the instructors were awesome and helped distract him. Aiko, on the other hand, said "Mom, when are you leaving?" Orion is usually one of those kids who put up a fight at first but eventually learns he'll have lots of fun if he just goes with it. 

I actually don't know a whole lot about what happened in the camp. Ha. The kids weren't very description when I picked them up. All I know is that they were super excited needed to find a costume at home and PRACTICE THEIR lines! Aiko and Orion were talking a whole bunch about their "lines" and that they were "Hunter 1" & "Hunter 2." After about 5 minutes in the car, they promptly fell asleep! 

When we got home they ran into their rooms to find costumes because "we aren't supposed to buy costumes mom, just find some at home." We found a few hats and squirt guns and then they practiced lines with their dad. ​

The next morning we headed down to camp again. Again, both were pretty excited and while Orion was a little nervous, he got over it much quicker this time and didn't shed any tears. The parents were instructed to come back in a few hours to watch the recital! ​​

When it was recital time we walked to the back of the building to a small stage. The kids were sitting in their spots and chatting, you could tell they were all excited. There were little stage dots all over the ground reminding the kids were to go. When the play started I was surprised to find that all of them didn't seem nervous at all and they all said their lines really well. I could hear all the lines and everyone knew right where they were supposed to go. It's amazing what these kids can do, especially since my youngest is 5. I was super impressed with everything. 

There were even music and some stage lighting. The kids really did do AWESOME. After the younger classed finished their recital, a total of 6 minutes, the older class did their recital too. Again, it was pretty impressive. ​​


After the show, everyone got a snowcone from UTC, which all the kids loved! 

My kids have never done a play or even a summer camp before, but I really was surprised at how well they did. Aiko (6 years) ate it up while Orion was a little bit more shy, but they both loved the experience. 

If you are looking for an awesome summer camp, check out Utah Children's Theatre! Season tickets are on sale now and their 2019 line-up looks pretty amazing! Thanks for having The Salt Project! 

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Don't put your kids in flip-flops.

If it's a full day, you'll need to pack a lunch along with two snacks. 

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